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Corporate restructuring and governance

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Corporate restructuring and governance

In recent years, due to the stabilisation of civil turnover and filling of business markets one of the most relevant issues of doing business becomes its restructuring.

It is often associated with the practice of making managerial and organisational decisions based on the current situation without considering the possible consequences for the overall structure of the business in the future.

Our advantages

A team of experienced lawyers in corporate law with an established practice;

a comprehensive analysis of the risks;

immersion in the client's business.

Our services


Legal due diligence of the current governance structure and mechanisms of functioning of the business. Legal due diligence includes inter alia:
  • analysis of the procedure of decision-making by management bodies of the company (group of companies) as part of the restructuring;
  • analysis of "strong" and "weak" sides of the existing structure of the organization, including through analysis of the legal status and effectiveness of asset utilisation.
  • analysis of the major issues of the organization - it may be hostile creditors, corporate conflicts, conflicts with state authorities, etc.
Development and comparative analysis of possible variants of restructuring of the business. Within this unit we provide the following services:
  • the choice of the most optimal form of business restructuring (strategic or operational restructuring, comprehensive or partial restructuring, consolidation (holding company) or downsizing of the business);
  • during the development of various restructuring options special attention is given to issues such as: choice of the place of incorporation of the parent company, the allocation of profit centers and transfer of the company's revenues in a low tax environment; the separation of the assets from operating activities; risks which may arise in the course of business restructuring; tax and property risks of business transactions to be carried out after the reorganization. According to the report, we will provide You with the alternatives of forming a new organizational structure that takes into account the current position of the group of companies in the market, and also prospects of development of the market and Your plans.
  • Detailed study of selected legal business model within the group companies;

Support of restructuring process

The development of an action plan aimed at introducing a new legal model. Scheduling the implementation of these activities.

Providing legal support of activities aimed at the introduction of new legal models. Including:

  • agreements business owners (shareholder agreements, treaties on the rights of the parties, framework agreements, agreements of intent (term sheets));
  • development changes in the statutes of companies, as well as provisions for the management bodies;
  • support actions aimed at changing the structure of the storage and registration of shares (transfer of registry to the Registrar, the transfer of shares to the Depositary or the Trustee);
  • coverage of corporate events;
  • interaction with minority shareholders/participants;
  • communication with creditors;

The restructuring of business will enable You to:

  • To build a reliable system of protection of assets, using all modern legal instruments;
  • To create a single center of decision-making and control over their execution;
  • To effectively control the financial relations within the group of companies and with contractors;
  • To effectively protect businesses from unscrupulous contractors;
  • To increase the transparency of the company;
  • To optimize the tax burden;
  • To reduce operating costs.

We provide professional services of high quality, based on the collective knowledge of the company, internal control system

Content restructuring is a complex of organizational measures on improving and updating the structure of legal entities (associations of legal entities), forms and methods of marketing, production, financial, investment, personnel structure, management practices, etc.

The restructuring is a favorable and long-term impact on the profitability of the structure.

The formation of new organizational structure requires consideration of tax, antitrust and other legal consequences of the action undertaken.

Consultants Law firms AGTL will help you to choose the most optimal and effective way to reorganize the business and will provide expert support at all stages.

To work on projects of business restructuring experts, tax, commercial and antitrust law practices of the Law firm AGTL, which provides comprehensive support of the restructuring procedure.