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Corporate agreement (shareholders agreement)

Corporate agreement (shareholders agreement)

AGTL law firm offers services in the preparation of the corporate agreement and the shareholders agreement. The purpose of these documents is the regulation of relations between members of the companies/shareholders.

Our advantages

used check-lists;

double quality control;

The price includes drafting of Corporate agreement (shareholders ' agreement):

  1. according to the conditions formulated by the Client;
  2. or according to the checklist submitted by the Consultant.

Corporate agreement /shareholder agreement is an agreement of the members/shareholders and/or creditors and/or other third parties in which the parties agree in a certain way to exercise their rights to manage the Company or to refrain from exercising such rights, including:

  1. To vote in a certain way, or consistently on a pre-defined issues (for example, electing the Executive body of a specific person or any person on the specific offer shareholder);
  2. To purchase or sell shares/stocks in the Company to certain persons in certain cases and at a predetermined price or its formula (for example, one party of the shareholders ' agreement agrees to sell its stake to the other party or parties in the achievement of a certain economic state of the Company, or in case of failure or in other cases, at a price determined in advance, either directly dependent on the economic condition of the company, or according to predetermined formula);
  3. To act in a predefined way in case of failure to agree on certain issues of activity of the Company (the obligation to act according to the instruction of the negotiator, the redemption of shares of the second parties to the dispute and other ways of elimination of deadlocks);
  4. To perform a predetermined action (for example, to implement the additional financing of the Company in certain cases);
  5. Have the so-called "liquidation" privilege when you exit the Company (the additional cost to the share of the withdrawing entity);
  6. To be able to oblige minority partners/shareholders – parties to the Agreement to sell their shares to the new owner of the entire Company in the case of such a decision majoritarian.
  7. Other conditions.

In certain cases, the violation of a shareholders agreement (shareholders ' agreement) could lead to the guilty party imposing a pecuniary penalty, or judicial decision obliging to fulfill the conditions of this agreement.