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Debt restructuring

Debt restructuring

Your company has significant accounts payable?

You have a lot of debtors?

Do not rush to declare bankruptcy or to hide from debtors.

Debt restructuring – one of the possible ways to solve problems with creditors and debtors.

If Your lender Bank

Our advantages

A team of experienced lawyers in corporate law with an established practice;

a comprehensive analysis of the risks;

immersion in the client's business.

We will help You to conduct negotiations, which may result in:

The increase in loan period

Vacation credit

Lowering the interest rate

Early repayment of the debt with the subsequent reduction of interest rates

The Bank cancels the penalty

Getting a new loan, including a pledge of the share capital (shares)

For the purposes of restructuring of debts to non-credit organizations, we will help You:

To develop a debt restructuring agreement (deferment)

To challenge the claims of creditors in court

To convert the debt into securities, thereby paying off his or postponing its execution