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Optional (incentive) programs for TOP management

Optional (incentive) programs for TOP management

Optional program in Ukraine is a relatively new phenomenon and yet recently cases of granting options to its employees were isolated.

Options is one of the most effective means of long-term incentives. Their essence is that for certain services the Manager receives the right in a few years to purchase shares of the company at a fixed price or to the money generated over the years exchange rate difference. Thus, the remuneration associated with the growth of the company.

Our advantages

A team of experienced lawyers in corporate law with an established practice;

a comprehensive analysis of the risks;

immersion in the client's business.

AGTL law firm provides a full range of services for the development, implementation and maintenance of various types of optional programs. Our employees will develop and implement the most optimal and effective structure optional programs tailored to Your goals and wishes, as well as the specifics of Your business.

Our services

Elaboration of possible variants optional programmes, consistent with the goals, the wishes of the client. Presentation of the strengths and weaknesses of each option;

The development of the schedule of realisation of the chosen variant, optional programs;

Preparation of drafts of all documents necessary for the implementation of the options program. These documents include:

  • Civil law contracts;
  • Internal local normative acts;
  • Documents sent to state bodies;

Carrying out all corporate procedures that are required to run the optional program;

Administration of stock option program;

  • control over the observance of all necessary action;
  • participation in dispute resolution;
  • current advising on ESOP.

Support the completion of the options program and summing up the results. At this stage, the consultant provides services on summarizing stock option program and execution of its results.