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Prevention of risks related to bankruptcy of the counterparties

Prevention of risks related to bankruptcy of the counterparties

Evaluation of the transaction on the level of risk challenging it with possible unforeseen bankruptcy of the counterparty.

Evaluation of the transaction in compliance with modern requirements of corporate law.

Evaluation of the transaction, which carries the risk of personal liability of Director and controlling persons for the increase in insolvency and cost reduction of the company's assets.

Due diligence is aimed at assessing the risks of possible legal challenges to the bankruptcy of the counterparty.

Services of our partners, for audit and financial analysis to assess the liquidity level of the enterprise-the contractor and the prospects of liquidation or bankruptcy.

The main risks in case of bankruptcy of the counterparty:

During the procedure of bankruptcy of the counterparty, based on the application of the liquidator or of a creditor, the transaction may be terminated by applied consequences of invalidation of a transaction, namely the property or money must be returned to the debtor.

To obtain money back will be very difficult, the debtor is already in bankruptcy.

When selling assets, the counterparty may deliberately conceal the signs of bankruptcy.

To determine the actual cost of the assets is difficult without a preliminary due diligence of the counterparty.