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Representation of companies on the creditor side

Representation of companies on the creditor side

Inclusion in the register of requirements of creditors – preparation of statements and representation of the principal in court (it is possible to highlight the inclusion in the register of insurance companies and banks, whose bankruptcy is relevant for a certain period of should have time to apply for inclusion in the register) .

Representation of creditor's interests in bankruptcy proceedings – participation in the meeting of creditors, representation of creditor in court to appeal against the wrongful inclusion in the register of requirements of other creditors.

Challenges to the actions of the bankruptcy Trustee in the bankruptcy proceedings in the detection of violations of the legislation on bankruptcy.

The procedure for initiation of proceedings under bankrotstve debtor's creditor's application are possible:

In the presence of delay of the debtor's obligations V.

In the presence of unmet cash requirements for amount.

In the presence of entered into force court decision.

Note: if there is in force a court decision, we do not include the cost of the service to conduct the case in court to recover the debt, otherwise we will initiate the proceedings before the bankruptcy.

The rights and benefits of lender in bankruptcy of the debtor:

The lender has the right, in its statement to specify the candidacy of the liquidator, and the court is likely to approve this nomination.

The lender can count on complete satisfaction of their claims if the debtor is not interested in bankruptcy.

The lender can be sure that he will not miss the deadline for application to the register of creditors ' claims, since he himself is the initiator of the process.

The main risks for the lender in case of bankruptcy of the debtor:

Late submission of application for inclusion in the register of requirements of creditors.

Conclusion the theft of assets by the debtor.

The lack of reliable information on the compliance of actions of the arbitration (interim) Manager of the laws of bankruptcy and other laws of Ukraine.