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Legal support of investment projects in Ukraine

Legal support of investment projects in Ukraine

AGTL law firm advising foreign investors from startups to large international corporations.

Our advantages

experience with investors from China, Europe and America, understanding of corporate documents;

English-speaking lawyers, working without translators;

integrated solutions for business, including legal and accounting services;

fixed prices for standard services;

a complete package of additional services necessary for the operation of a branch or representative office of a foreign legal entity.


Our clients - an international company engaged in long-term investments on the territory of Ukraine and startups with foreign capital.

Having a team of lawyers with high expertise in various areas of law, allows us to offer a comprehensive balanced solution for foreign investors from a legal audit of the proposed scheme of conducting business in Ukraine before the implementation of the decisions taken.

Our lawyers are ready to obespechit legal support of the investor in any form of entering the Russian market from the opening of the representative office or branch registration of a subsidiary to a joint venture or support for the purchase of existing businesses.

After the registration of a foreign organization or a foreign representative office / branch organization, we provide legal support for all areas of the company from registration of the labor relations within the company to build the optimal scheme of work with contractors.

Our services

  • Accreditation of representative offices of foreign companies.
  • The opening of a branch of a foreign company.
  • Registration of LLC with foreign investments.
  • Change of head of representative office / branch.
  • The closure of a foreign mission.

Additional services

  • Advice on taxation of foreign companies in Ukraine .
  • Advice on choosing patterns of doing business in Ukraine .
  • Advice on migration and employment law.
  • Assistance in obtaining work permits for foreign specialists.
  • The changes in the constituent documents of the foreign branches and representative offices.
  • The translation of documents.