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Registration of LLC

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Registration of LLC

Who said that to achieve the expected business results, as You choose the right form of business you want to register, take into account all the "pitfalls" of tax risks, accounting intricacies?

You have to ensure that it is exactly what You need and will lead to the desired result?

We, personally, do not!

We know from experience that most novice, and even experienced entrepreneurs do not consider all issues (problems) which they will encounter. Sometimes you just don't know alternative ways that are much faster, better and cheaper is known to them, and sometimes you do not know in principle how to proceed.

How to start a business? What form of taxation to choose? How to do accounting? In what terms, to whom and where to report? How to make a trade? How to make money? As well as other issues that require resolution.

The company's specialists with extensive experience in corporate law, will help to formalize the relationship between the founders, the relationship with the General Director or a management body to choose the system of taxation, to select the Bank and address.

Our advantages

Professional legal advice at the beginning of Your business, which will eliminate the need for numerous changes at the beginning of the activity;

Convenience and time savings at all stages:

we can arrange a notary in Your office,

the Bank Manager will arrive at a convenient time for You to open an account,

we can obtain documents for You by proxy.

A wide range of additional services: a wide range of partner banks, help with finding a legal address, bookkeeping.

And also:

Clearance in the shortest possible time

A full range of services - "registration KEY"

Affordable price

Detailed advice

No queues and cost over time

Accounting services

legal support

tax planning

AGTL law firm provides a full range of services related to registration of limited liability companies (LLC):

Advice on the establishment and registration of the LLC;

Development of a set of constituent documents of LLC, including individual constituent documents;

Consultation and selection of a legal address for registration of the LLC;

Support of the procedure of state registration by the registering authority;

Assigning codes CTEA, LLC;

The seal of the company;

Opening of Bank accounts (settlement, currency);

Notarized copies of constituent documents;

Registration in the territorial bodies of GFS.

Company registration – what documents are needed?

- From the founders (participants) who are citizens of Ukraine:

a copy of the certificate of identification code of the founder (member);

copy of passport of the founder (participant).

- From the founder (participant) of a legal entity-resident:

a copy of the Certificate/certificate of the state registration;

minutes of the General meeting of founders (participants) with the decision on registration of the LLC;

the power of attorney to sign papers on behalf of the legal person – founder (participant).

- From the founder (participant) physical persons-non-resident:

copy of identification number;

copy of foreign passport (needs to be translated into Ukrainian language).

- From the founder (participant) of a legal entity-non-resident:

a copy of the statement/certificate of registration Jur. person – founder (participant) in the country of residence (notarized and translated into Ukrainian language);

the decision of the Supreme body of legal. persons of the intention to act as a founder (participant);

power of attorney for signing of constituent documents on behalf of the legal person – founder (participant).

Also, any category of founders (participants), you must report:

name of enterprise (in Ukrainian, English and Russian languages);

the exact address (legal address may be residential or nonresidential);

the size of the authorized capital (the minimum amount of the share capital existing legislation does not provide);

principal activities of firms (with enough information about what will deal with the company. Our experts will select activities independently);

distribution of shares between the founders (participants) in the authorized capital of the company;

a copy of the passport INN and Director of the future enterprise.

The documents mentioned above, can transmit one of the founders (participants) or other representative of the customer. The presence of all the founders (participants) to register, OOO in Kharkov, only required when signing papers at the notary. The presence of the Director is necessary in a Bank when opening a Bank account. The rest will be performed by our staff. You can get a package of securities either in our office or at Your specified address.

What you need to accomplish in order to open/register an LLC?

To determine the composition of the founders, to elect the Director and to form the authorized capital. The size of the Charter capital must be not less than 1 minimum wage established by the legislation of Ukraine.

To determine the legal address of the state Registrar captures it mandatory.

Choose a name for the future company, which should not only be easy to remember and reflective of your activities, but also unique i.e. absent in the Unified state register.

Choose the types of economic activity NACE.

To choose the most optimal taxation system.

To prepare the documents and contact the state Registrar at the legal address of the company.

After check-in, OOO company can begin the procedure of opening a Bank account.

With us, all these difficulties are easily overcome.