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The types of non-commercial organizations

The types of non-profit organizations

A non-profit organization (NPO) is a legal person whose activities are not related to profit. NGOs are created to achieve the objectives in the fields of sport, medicine, education, culture, charity, politics, science and other social spheres.

Our advantages

Legal advice lawyers with deep and comprehensive knowledge of the legislation in the field of corporate law and registration of non-profit organizations of any organizational-legal forms;

a professionally prepared package of documents in accordance with applicable legislation;

a complete package of additional services related to registration of NGOs.

Each type of non-profit organizations are regulated by the relevant legislation.

Kind of a non-profit organization
The law governing non-profit organizations
The law of Ukraine from 05.07.2012 R. "On charitable activity and charitable organizations"
Religious organizations
The law of the USSR dated 23.04.1991 R. "On freedom of conscience and religious organizations"
Creative unions
The law of Ukraine dated 07.10.1997 R. "On professional creative workers and creative unions"
Public associations, political parties, creative unions, religious organizations, charitable organizations, pension funds
The law of Ukraine of 22.03.2012 R. "On public associations"
Garden, cottage, garage cooperatives, housing cooperatives
The law of Ukraine of 10.07.2003 R. "On cooperation"
Association of apartment owners, associations of owners of residential houses
The law of Ukraine of 29.11.2001 R. "On Association of owners of apartment house"
Trade unions, their associations and trade Union organizations formed in the manner determined by law
The law of Ukraine dated 15.09.1999 "On professional unions, their rights and guarantees of their activity"
Agricultural service cooperatives, cooperative associations of agricultural service cooperatives
The law of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on 17.07.1997, R. "On agricultural cooperation"