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Support of foreign investment in Ukraine

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Support of foreign investment in Ukraine

AGTL law firm offers services in support of foreign investment projects in Russia. Our experience and expertise allow us to provide international customers with professional legal assistance at any stage of the investment project, from the choice of the region until the conclusion of the investment contract.

Our advantages

All projects in support of foreign investments in Ukraine are held under the supervision of specialists of the Law firm AGTL.

We close the full spectrum of business issues faced by foreign companies when entering the Ukrainian market: institutional services to receive delegations, business related services and professional investment-consulting support activities.

Foreign investment in Ukrainian companies can be done in different ways:

Construction of industrial enterprises;

The establishment of the joint venture;

The organization of industrial Assembly.

No matter what form of investment you choose, the specialists of the Law firm AGTL will assist in the creation and development of your project and will provide the necessary legal support.

Investment Advisory services

Individual search for investment proposals (investment projects, sale of business) according to the criteria of the investor and his interests.

Financial, economic and legal analysis (due diligence) of investment proposals, Express business valuation and investment projects to minimize risks when investing.

Support and deal structuring, choice and construction of optimal investment schemes / purchase of a business from the point of view of tax optimization and minimize legal and economic risks.

Joint management of investment projects, the inclusion of specialists, InVenture in the implementation or preparatory work on specific business projects of the investor.

Business services

Establishing contacts with Ukrainian business partners and government agencies to organize the withdrawal of foreign companies or promotion of goods and services on the Ukrainian market.

Marketing analysis and promotional activities to promote products and services of foreign companies to the Ukrainian market.

Legal advice, registration of companies and opening foreign representative offices, business legal services, legal advice in the field of tax, commercial, corporate, investment law and intellectual property rights and the protection of property rights.

Financial accounting: business taxation and accounting.

Related services

Complex of services on receiving of delegations: airport pick up and transfers, accommodation in hotel, rent of conference halls, services of simultaneous translation and translation of documents, organization of cultural program and leisure activities

Conducting professional business activities such as round tables, conferences, forums