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Opening branch of foreign company

The opening of a branch of a foreign company

A foreign legal entity to conduct its activities can also open a branch on the territory of Ukraine.

The branch represents and defends the interests of its parent foreign company conducts production and business activities.

Our advantages

Knowledge of industry nuances of doing business in Ukraine;

knowledge of the characteristics of taxation of Ukraine (the tax rates of the regions, the possibility of obtaining tax benefits, maintenance and delivery of reports, benefits on customs payments);

knowledge of the characteristics of employment of foreign employees to work in a branch, assistance in obtaining accreditation of personnel / work permits;

adaptation of business in Ukraine from registration branch of a foreign organization to the emerging legal issues of doing business;

registration of a foreign branch.

The establishment of a branch provides foreign legal entity many advantages:

on the activity of the branch is not acting currency legislation;

there are benefits to customs payments;

available simplified withdrawal for the head of a foreign company.

All branches (registered and newly created) must pass the accreditation procedure.

To register a branch of foreign legal entity quickly and without cracks, it is necessary to trust the decision of problems qualified.

Our services

advising on registration of a Branch of a foreign company in Ukraine;

preparation and approval of documents (decision on the opening of the branch, power of attorney for the head, letters);

translation and notarization of copies of documents to register a branch of a foreign organization;

support of the client in a registered, tax and other state bodies.

Additional services

advice on choosing the industry market for the business activities of a foreign company branch;

consultation on taxation, the possibility of obtaining benefits branch of the foreign company;

advice on obtaining customs exemptions, registration exemptions under an international Treaty.