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Pre-trial settlement of disputes

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Pre-trial settlement of disputes

In the event of a conflict with the unscrupulous supplier or partner for most entrepreneurs prefer not to appeal to court and to resolve problems through pre-trial settlement of disputes. Presence on Your part in the negotiations of an experienced lawyer will help the best way to protect your interests.

Our advantages

Professional lawyers, in Luggage where dozens of won cases;

Legal services of the highest quality;

Full support of different specialists, from lawyers to auditors;

Complete confidentiality;

Our experience and practice in the field of dispute resolution confirmed the long-term work in the market of legal services;

AGTL law firm offers its assistance in pre-trial settlement of arbitration disputes. Our services include:

  • Analysis of the situation, including the examination of documents and legal assessment of the actions of the parties to the conflict. Determination of the possibility of pre-trial settlement and the prospects of the client in court.
  • Development of strategy of behavior in negotiations with the opposing party. Drafting of claims, complaints, reclamations, with the legal bases, confirming the correctness of the client.
  • Participation in negotiations on behalf of client, including business correspondence with representatives of the opposing party.
  • The development of an action plan to resolve the conflict.
  • Preparation of legally sound response to claims and complaints of the other side.
  • Any legal consultations on the issues of pre-trial settlement of the dispute.

Why should You bring a lawyer, not to solve the problem yourself:

  • A lawyer is not an interested party to the conflict and is able to look at the problem from the point of view of the current legislation and not base your opinion on bare emotions;
  • The lawyer is able to explain to both parties their rights and responsibilities and consequences for any way of conflict resolution, whether through trial or pre-trial settlement of disputes;
  • The presence of the negotiations, the lawyer is able to prevent new conflicts when negotiating resolution of problems and to maintain good relations with the other party;
  • With a competent lawyer problem more likely to be resolved in the pretrial order, which will save nerves, time and money for both parties;
  • In some cases, pre-trial settlement of disputes provided by law as a mandatory procedure before sending the documents to the court. For example, if we are talking about compliance with Federal laws or the procedure of conflict resolution spelled out in the contract between the disputing parties. In these cases, if the case does reach arbitration, you must provide documented evidence of attempts to resolve the dispute out of court, otherwise the court may refuse to hear the case. An experienced lawyer can help you in preparing this kind of evidence.

Specialists of the law firm AGTL have extensive experience in pre-trial settlement of disputes in the following areas:

  • Commercial disputes (all types of disputes related to commercial agreements, their conclusion, termination and violation of the conditions and obligations under the contract);
  • Land disputes and disputes related to real estate;
  • Tax disputes (under current law, this type of dispute requires a compulsory pre-trial settlement procedure);
  • Disputes related to the accident (violation of terms of payment of insurance, the reduction in the amount of compensation by the insurance company, etc.);
  • Other types of disputes that can be settled pre-trial.