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Mediation is one of the technologies of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) involving third neutral, unbiased, not interested in this conflict side mediator, which helps the parties to develop a definite agreement on the dispute, while the parties fully control the process of taking a decision on the settlement of a dispute and the conditions for its resolution.

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It has certain conditions and rules of reference, the sequence of actions, phases, and is also based on the following principles:
mutual respect,
equality of the parties,
neutrality and impartiality of the mediator,
transparency of the procedure.
What are the services of a mediator of our company:
Preparation for the negotiation, including the preparation of documentation, the selection of a suitable place, a thorough study of the nature of the issue, etc .;
Introductory words of our mediator and directly debates of the parties. We will do everything so that the parties will hear each other and the conversation will proceed in a constructive way.
Summing up the results of negotiations and signing an agreement with observance of all legislative norms of Ukraine and international requirements.