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Proceedings in a commercial court

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Proceedings in a commercial court

The protection of rights in the economic court implies a thorough knowledge of the current legislation. The more carefully prepared the material, the better presented your case, the more chances to win, but if we are talking about business organizations, and inadequate protection can result in serious financial trouble. That risks were minimal, You need professional protection of interests in economic court.

Our advantages

Professional support in court based on an extensive judicial practice of our lawyers;

Our work is built on the principles of complete confidentiality;

Our company employs specialists in various areas of law, allowing us to offer you solutions for a wide range of issues related to economic disputes;

Every client is unique for us. We do not use ready-made solutions, but they rely on solid experience gained over years of practice.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of documents and assessment of judicial prospects of the case, taking into account the current regulatory framework;
  • Development of strategy of behaviour in the economic court;
  • Assistance in pre-trial settlement of the dispute, the conduct of, claims (if necessary);
  • Collecting necessary documents for economic court, including by sending relevant requests to the state bodies and other organizations;
  • Representation in the economic process throughout the duration of the proceedings;
  • Preparation of petitions, complaints, claims, counter-claims and other procedural documents that may be required in judicial proceedings;
  • If necessary, challenging the earlier court decisions.
  • Protection of client's interests in economic courts of appellate, cassation and Supervisory instances;
  • Assistance in the conclusion of a settlement agreement between the parties;
  • Support solutions to legal disputes.

Depending on which category of cases is Your case, representation of client's interests in the courts may vary.

The cost of our services

The cost of professional services of the Law firm AGTL depends on the complexity of the case and the required amount of work. In some cases, a lawyer is enough to get acquainted with the case to admit the challenged transaction void and to bring the case to court.

For other cases everything is decided at the stage of pre-trial settlement. The inclusion in the negotiation process with the opposite side of a professional lawyer often leads to a successful resolution of the conflict at this stage.

And finally, there are disputes that require serious analysis of the documents and possibly long legal proceedings. Agree that the volume and cost of work for all three options may not be the same. Therefore, without reviewing the client's documents to name any value is incorrect and irresponsible.

For corporate clients

Many organizations can't afford to keep the state specialist claims work. The best solution for such companies will be signing the contract for subscription service with third party legal organization. This will allow the company to save on staff lawyer and not to lose in quality of work.

Law firm AGTL offers a variety of plans legal service to its clients. Contact us and we will find the opportunity for mutually beneficial cooperation!