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Acquaintance with materials of proceedings in courts

Acquaintance with materials of proceedings in courts

Specialists of the Law firm AGTL have extensive experience in successful protection of client's interests in arbitration courts and courts of General jurisdiction of all levels on the territory of Kharkiv and throughout Ukraine.

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save your time;


the removal of administrative barriers.

Related services:

Law firm AGTL offers additional services to assist stakeholders in examining the materials produced in the courts of the judicial system of Ukraine, arbitration courts, the Executive service (bailiffs), as well as in the organization appointment to state bodies. The basis of our work is complex approach to solving customer problems taking into account the necessity of settling the point of task and organizational issues.

Services designed:

For lawyers from other regions, not having the opportunity to get acquainted with the materials of the case in a situation of territorial remoteness or high employment.

For clients wishing to represent themselves in court, for the execution of organizational procedures.

For those who do not want to deal with the complexities of organizational work in cooperation with state authorities.

Our services:

Familiarization with the case materials:

To prepare for the process should be familiar with the case. There are always circumstances that prevent this: lack of time, geographical distance, unwillingness to face administrative barriers. Our specialists will solve this problem for You. We will submit the request for familiarization with the case materials, and observe the introductory period and will provide You with systematized materials.

  • the removal of photocopies of case materials in courts and other state bodies;
  • record copies of physical media, print, photocopies, placing in the file sharing or sending to the customer like a convenient way on demand;
  • preparation of inventory of materials of the case with reference to the sheets;
  • the provision of operational information from the floor review.

Receipt of documents and materials:

In the course of the proceedings it is necessary to promptly obtain the court documents or materials. Our experts will present the appropriate application, will receive and will present You with the necessary materials.

  • obtaining audio recordings of proceedings;
  • obtaining copies of judicial acts in the court registries.

Appointments to state bodies.

As a law firm, we are confronted daily with the situation of the reluctance of public authorities to carry out their duties. Phones are often not available, and office hours of the Registrar are busy for the next few months. We will provide You prompt appointments.

  • ensuring that appointments in the state and other bodies;
  • submission of prepared package of documents if needed.

Preparation and direction of attorney requests and receiving responses.

If necessary, obtain information from state bodies, you can use the attorney's requests.

  • preparation and submission of the lawyer's inquiry;
  • the control is receiving a response from the government.