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Application to the Commercial Court

Application to the Commercial Court

A lawsuit in the economic court – a document designed to initiate a lawsuit. It contains information about the claimant and the defendant and the circumstances under which any claim that describes the claim of the plaintiff to the defendant, indicating their legal basis and contains other information necessary for consideration of the case. To a claim may also be accompanied by other documents if such documents are specified requirements of the process (applications, copies of documents, confirming the plaintiff's claims, the document confirming payment of state duties, etc.).

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AGTL law firm offers professional legal support in the preparation of any documents relating to court proceedings, including:

Making a claim in the commercial court;

Preparation of withdrawal of the claim from the court;

Drafting complaints, petitions, claims in the commercial court.

In General, the procedure of consideration of claims in the commercial court the following:

The pre-trial stage.

It includes:

  • Collection and preparation of documents confirming the legality of the plaintiff;
  • Payment of the fees;
  • Drafting pleadings in court;
  • The filing of a claim and the enclosed documents to the court;
  • Accept, reject or return the claim.

The judicial stage.

This stage includes:

  • The decision of the judge of the corresponding definition and direction to all persons involved in the case. The definition shall specify the action to be taken to all the participants of the future process as well as the documents that must be submitted by each party.
  • The preparation of the Respondent of the statement of defence, which contained objections to every requirement stated in the statement of claim.
  • The presentation by the defendant of the counterclaim to the plaintiff.
  • The proceedings and judgment.

The execution of the decision.

Includes the transfer of the case in enforcement proceedings and the implementation of the consequences of the judgment.

Remember that the misfiled documents reduces Your chances of a successful process. If You need help in making a claim, contact the professionals!