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Application to the Commercial Court

Application to the Commercial Court

AGTL law firm offers you services in drawing up applications for submission to the economic court. The majority of applications in the economic process are typical, but their development must faithfully reflect the details of your particular case and not to lose sight of the little things that can affect the course of the trial. Our lawyers have extensive experience in court proceedings and help you file a motion that fully complies with the statutory criteria.

Our advantages

  • dozens of won cases in court;
  • thorough knowledge of legislation;
  • the positive feedback from our satisfied customers;
  • work on the result;

Referring to the lawyers of the court practice of the Law firm AGTL, you will receive:

  • the time saved;
  • a properly drafted petition;
  • minimizing risks in rejection of the application;
  • the increase in chances to win at your trial;
  • any documents, information of which will be contained in the petition.

This service includes:

  • analysis of the status of the case in which the petition is prepared
  • the preparation of the petition in accordance with the wishes of the client
  • filing of a petition in the court

The petition is the main form of recourse to the court. It can be filed in written form, sent in electronic form or provided orally during the hearing . It will be recorded in the minutes of the hearing.

On the subjects of petitions can be classified in the claimed:

• only parties;

• persons participating in the case;

• other participants of the process;

• persons not involved in the process;

• judges.

The degree and scope of influence on the proceedings of the petition can be divided into the following groups:

• motions to radically affect the whole process in the case (about the settlement and termination of proceedings about the mediation, about the withdrawal of the claim, acknowledgement of claim, etc.);

• petitions, partly influencing the conduct of the case (postpone the proceedings, adjourn the hearing to suspend the proceedings, on the partial recognition of the claim and a partial rejection of the claim, change the grounds or subject of claim, etc.);

• applications that affect a single procedural action (witness, examination appointment, reinstatement period, to transfer the case to another commercial court, the decision of the international arbitration (arbitration) court, etc.).

There are other classification. They are very important for practical use.

Petition to the economic process may include:

  • to the evidence base (the petition for admission, the request for familiarization with the case materials);
  • the collection of documents (request for discovery of documents relating to the dispute);
  • the examination of the documents and circumstances of the case requiring special skill;
  • to the deposition, suspension or termination of the proceedings;
  • to call witnesses;
  • reduce the size of the state fee or the installments of payment etc.

Of special note is the petition for representation in court. This document defines the existence and scope of authority of the defender of the plaintiff or defendant, representing in court the interests of one party or another. It is important to remember that if a representative needs more than one meeting, the request for arbitration must be filed in writing. This document allows you to consider the matter including in the absence of the plaintiff (defendant) whose interest is to protect the representative.

Who can file a petition to the court?

The right of petition has almost any party to the litigation in bankruptcy court: plaintiff, defendant, their representatives, interested persons and appellants, third parties in the case, and also representatives of state bodies and agencies – the Prosecutor or the authorities.

Correctly or incorrectly drafted a petition to the arbitration process may entail the refusal of a judge in his appreciation of what will cause loss of time, effort, and possibly losing in court. A competent and experienced lawyer and the Law firm AGTL will allow you to avoid these risks, thereby increasing your chances to win.