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Debt collection in the commercial court

Debt collection in the commercial court

The common reason to appeal to the economic courts is the need of debt recovery. The court hears cases related to debts to both individuals and legal entities.

Our advantages

Our archive contains dozens of successful cases of debt collection in court;

Our experts thoroughly understand the legislation and ready to provide you qualified legal assistance;

Debt recovery in economic court on their own is time consuming and additional cost and not guarantee a positive result. A competent lawyer will increase your chances of winning.

AGTL law firm offers services in debt recovery in the economic court. Our specialists have wide experience of conducting cases in the arbitration and are ready to provide professional legal assistance in the required amount from the claim to represent the interests of the creditor (debtor) to the court.

Our debt collection services in court included:

  • Analysis of documents of the client and determine prospects for a favorable outcome in court;
  • Preparation of claims to the debtor explaining the debt and the amount of the debt (before the process);
  • Preparation of documents for collecting debt in bankruptcy court;
  • Representation in court;
  • Appeal against court decisions in appellate and cassation instances;
  • Support of court decisions;
  • Any legal advice on the repayment of debts.

Before trial, the plaintiff must prepare documentary evidence of the debt and to show the court evidence of contractual or non-contractual relations in which he was injured. Debt recovery in economic court based on a weight of evidence of the plaintiff. After the decision on the debt repayment is accepted, the case is referred to the enforcement proceedings.

ziskanie debt at first glance it seems a simple affair. For many people comes as a surprise the fact that in case of submission of a dispute to the court existence of the debt must be proved in the manner prescribed by law, and those things the client thinks are obvious ("they received the goods and not paid, what here still it is possible to speak?"), for the court are not.

Problems can hide anywhere in particular: in the incorrect spelled out the terms of the contract in the time and manner of payment; mistakes in documenting the fact of transfer of goods, performance of work or provision of services; breach of contract by the client; in a properly prepared claim, which the court can interpret how the negotiation of amendments to the contract; in premature appeal to the court, when under the terms of the contract, the debtor's obligation to pay the debt has not yet arisen, etc.

Debt – it is an unpleasant procedure for both the debtor and the creditor. Don't waste her time and energy – entrust the solution of problems of a professional lawyer. Call the Law firm AGTL - and we will help you!