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Standard contracts and documents for business

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Standard contracts and documents for business

Templates, documents and contracts necessary for every company. Their use speeds up the workflow process within the company and in interaction with clients and contractors, saving time and preparation of papers, allows to standardize the work.

Our advantages

Our company specializiruetsya on legal support of business;

offer documents are prepared by experienced lawyers, specialists of a narrow focus and in many cases passed the test of judicial practice;

documents comply with current legislation and take into account all last changes;

if necessary, the document can be modified directly for Your company (Price TBD);

You get at a reasonable price, the finished document on the same day.

The use of templates from untrusted sources is always risky:

inconsistencies of the standard document to the current legislation of Ukraine,

inclusion in the document of unnecessary provisions.

Often carelessness in this respect leads to irreversible consequences for the business. Therefore, the usability of the template should be combined with its high quality and warranties of the originator.

Templates what documents we offer in packages:

Standard contracts and documents for business

Package "of Standard working documents with personal data"

Package "Standard documents in the sphere of labor relations"

Package "of Standard working documents with personal data of employees and customers"

Package "the Introduction of commercial secret regime in the organization"

Package "Registration of transition of the rights to a work"

The package "the Most essential contracts for business and individuals"

How dangerous document templates from the Internet

Examples of many of the documents currently readily available on websites. A reasonable question: why pay for a contract template when you can find it in the Internet for free? Indeed, it is easier, but this solution has obvious shortcomings:

Questionable competence

You can't be confident in the professionalism of the unknown author of the document. In case of any problems later it is difficult to prosecute the Creator of the template.

Uncertain date

Russian legislation is constantly changing. You may get a document, not of the present moment without taking into account the recent important changes.

The risk of missing important

You know what SHOULD be in the document, what COULD be and what never SHOULD NOT BE. You risk not to take into account all the nuances and miss important or, on the contrary, to include in the contract provisions superfluous.

No warranties

You assume the entire risk of the use downloaded from the web documents themselves.

Penalties in the contract

In the model treaties on fines often contains only a General phrase. Therefore, it is better in the contract to specify fines and penalties for violation of the obligations of the parties. Usually set a penalty in a fixed amount, and the penalty determined as a percentage of the value of outstanding liabilities.

The buyer's application

One of the standard conditions of the contract: the buyer, the customer or the consignor sends the contractor a preliminary written proposal for the acquisition of goods or services. In fact, however, the company may not issue these documents. For example, for tax authorities it is a sign of the fictitious nature of the transaction. On this basis, can be converted tax payments and the party of this contract may be subject to tax liability. In order not to create cause for dispute with the tax authorities, should be excluded from the model text of the contract standard terms, which the company is not going to perform.

Price list

Sometimes the contract does not set specific prices, and make a link to the price list. It is desirable to make the price list attached to the contract or to give a link to the price list without a number and date, indicating the method of its approval by the supplier. Then the parties have no differences over the price. In this case, the provider can change the prices of goods and services in a simplified manner. It is also recommended that further specify the prices in the specifications, which is issued for each batch of products. This will avoid disputes with the client about the final cost of the goods.

Secrets to the trade

Increasing the price becomes information. Every company has its secrets: a client database, supplier information, trade secrets, etc. But you cannot require employees to keep this information secret without execution of confidentiality in the enterprise. Until this moment all Your information is public, and industrial espionage at Your company is legitimate.

Right to service-related work

Often employers found the fallacy is that it is created by an employee during working hours belongs to the company. The employer has rights only to the results of intellectual activities of its employees that were issued properly. Everything else will have to pay.