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The package "the Most essential contracts for business and individuals"

The package "the Most essential contracts for business and individuals"

Commercial practice — one of the main activities and one of the key practices of the Law firm AGTL. Our lawyers have extensive experience in complex legal audits (Due Diligence), practical solutions to various issues that arise in the ordinary course of business of companies in various fields of activities (from production to Internet technologies), support of investment projects and structuring of transactions with the assets.

Our advantages

Contracts that protect the business interests of customers, reduces the risk of financial loss;

minimization of commercial risks of the acquisition of the assets or the business after conducting a legal analysis.

development of contractual schemes, templates of standard contracts.

List of documents:

DocumentCost, RS.

The contract of purchase and sale3000

Supply contract3000

A lease of non-residential premises6000

The license agreement for the use of the trademark18000


Agency contract6000

The service contract3000

The contract of share participation in the construction of6000

Distribution contract18000

The loan agreement3000

The contract of the commercial concession (franchise)18000

The contract of storage6000

A confidentiality agreement3000

The contract of author's order for the development of software12000

Contract offshore12000

Contract hire6000

The agreement of transport expedition6000

A contract for the provision of logistics services6000

The contract of carriage6000

The contract of rendering of transport services6000

The lease vehicle6000

A contract for the provision of advertising services (advertising agencies)6000

We are always ready to modify our version of documents taking into account specificity of your activity. The cost of this service is negotiated separately.