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Residence permit in Ukraine

Residence permit in Ukraine

AGTL law firm provides a full range of legal services to employers on attraction and use of foreign workers on the territory of Ukraine, as well as services for foreign nationals who stay and work in the territory of Ukraine.

Among our constant clients are large Ukrainian companies with foreign capital and representative offices and branches of foreign companies medium and small businesses, including startups.

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Our lawyers are experts in the field of employment and migration law with considerable experience in advising on major Russian and international clients fluent in English;

Services provided by the lawyers at the immigration law comply with international quality standards, at the same Law firm AGTL carries out a flexible price policy, optimizing the specific objectives of the client;

Experience in obtaining work permits for experts from visa countries Europe: France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany;

We know the specifics of working with clients from Asia and have extensive experience of obtaining work permits for foreign workers from Korea, China, India, Israel, and Japan;

Working in constant contact with the immigration authorities, our lawyers abreast of the latest changes in regulations and requirements, which ensures high quality preparation of documents;

Support complex projects, work with failures until a positive result;

A large range of additional services: translation of documents, visa support, registration with the tax authority.

How to obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine

Categories of foreigners to Obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine can such foreigners and persons without citizenship: former Ukrainian citizens remaining permanently reside in Ukraine after the decision on the termination of Ukrainian citizenship. persons who may immigrate to Ukraine for permanent residence on the basis of obtaining Permission to immigrate; As you can see, the preliminary step in obtaining permanent residence permit in Ukraine is obtaining a Permit for immigration. However, for lack of misunderstanding, immediately, we note that as the registration permit and residence card of permanent residence permit – occur in the same process. So, who can get the immigration Permit and, as a result of a permanent residence permit. The list established by the immigration Act includes a variety of grounds, for example, the alien has the right to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine in case of a full-blooded first degree relatives (brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, grandson or granddaughter) - citizens of Ukraine, i.e. the citizen of Russia can issue a permanent residence permit in Ukraine in case his grandmother is a citizen of Ukraine. Another widespread reason is the territorial origin, that is, obtain a permanent residence permit for a citizen (or a citizen of another country) may, if he or any close relatives to 16.07.1990. lived on the territory of the future Ukraine. In addition, a permanent residence permit in Ukraine may be to parents, spouses and children of an alien who has already issued a permanent residence permit in Ukraine. Similarly it can issue, refugees, guardians and Trustees of citizens of Ukraine. Full list of grounds, the nuances and detailed explanation of the grounds here.

The material on the list of necessary documents sufficient volume. Because we have learned it in a separate article. Here we will specify basic requirements: 1. main is the document confirming the basis. For example, in the case of obtaining a permanent residence permit on the basis of availability of citizenship of Ukraine have first degree relatives with the necessary documents, which prove a) nationality family member; b) full connection (for example, when the relationship with the grandmother needs to show the birth certificate of the parents of the foreigner. and the birth certificate of a foreigner). 2. for obtaining a permanent residence permit required at least one entry to Ukraine at the time of filing. 3. for citizens of countries with visa need the visa in the passport for visa-free countries (particularly for the Russians), you may need exit-entry (crossing the border of Ukraine). How to obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine Changes 2017 Among the novelties of the procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine since the fall of 2017 the following should be distinguished: 1. Reduced application processing time from 15 to 10 days. 2. Only on obtaining a temporary residence permit in Kiev City Department of LCA in Kiev. We will remind that earlier foreigners, under certain circumstances, issued a document at the district offices. 3. Extended period of validity of the document is now the residence permit is valid for the entire period of validity of the permit to work, and he, in turn, may be issued depending on the reason for a period of up to 3 years. 4. Expanded the category of aliens who can be issued a document. So, a foreign investor with investment amount of more 100 thousand euros can issue a residence permit valid for up to 2 years. 5. Changed the procedure for renewal of a temporary residence permit. When renewing a residence permit on the basis of a work permit you must submit information, confirming employment by the employer for at least 3 Ukrainians for a period of not less than six months prior to the filing of the petition for extension of a residence permit or the payment of income tax in the amount of not less than 50 minzarplat for the last financial year. Categories of foreigners to Obtain temporary residence permit in Ukraine foreigners and persons without citizenship who arrived into the country. You ask why we need all this red tape can simply do it not to register? You could, but imagine that a foreigner came to Ukraine to work. Well, if it happens here rarely, and if not? What if he by virtue of his employment shall be here very often (if not always)? But there are rules of stay of a foreigner in Ukraine. A new procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine started to work very recently. As we mentioned above – the main purpose of the registration of temporary residence permit is to legalize a long stay of the foreigner. So, in practice, the main grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit are: permit for a foreigner as the document confirming the official employment of a foreigner to work in the Ukrainian company, the Bank in Ukraine; study – it is important that the entry of the alien into the country were on the basis of visa issued according to the petition, certified by the Ministry of education; family reunification, i.e. when one of the spouses already has a temporary residence permit or is a citizen of Ukraine. In addition, the temporary residence permit in Ukraine is issued to foreigners: to participate in engineering design (international technical assistance) is based solely to registered contracts of the ICC; for the preaching of religious teachings – it is important that the preacher entered the country on a visa, which in turn issued a religious organization on the basis of a request accepted goskompanii; to participate in non-governmental organizations of foreign States – in other words to work in branches and representative offices, accredited by the Ministry of justice; to perform scientific, cultural, educational, volunteer activities on the basis of international treaties or programs must have formal contracts; to work as a correspondent or representative of foreign mass media; to foreigners who arrived illegally, but temporarily located on the territory of Ukraine due to the impossibility of expulsion from the country (on the duration of the force majeure). 2017 - the residence permit is also issued to foreign investors, which contributed to the authorized Fund of Ukrainian enterprises in the amount not less than 100 thousand euros. The validity of such a residence permit is 2 years (with possibility of annual renewal). Note that the fact of making investments is also the basis of obtaining a permanent residence permit.


Registration of residence permit in Ukraine by bodies of the State migration service (formerly OVIR, GIRFO). To obtain a temporary residence permit, the applicant shall submit to the internal Affairs authorities at the place of residence statement documents. As for the specific list of documents for obtaining a residence permit, here too there are nuances. For example, there is a basic list of documents which includes: the application of a person; a passport or an identity document, a copy thereof; a certified translation into Ukrainian of the passport pages of the document (identity document) with personal data of the applicant; the payment document on payment of admission; a copy of the certificate on INN assignment (at presence). Additional list of documents depends on the grounds for execution of the document. Thus, to obtain a temporary residence permit by marriage to a citizen of Ukraine should additionally submit: a) letter of guarantee of the spouse; b) proof of income of spouse (options); C) a copy of the marriage certificate. When making a temporary residence permit on the basis of employment – must provide a copy of work permit issued by the employment Center. Depending on the grounds of the residence permit can be granted and other documents. In such cases, will be very useful assistance of a professional company that will promptly help to prepare a package of documents to obtain a residence permit in Kiev. If you are interested in a specific list of documents for obtaining a temporary residence permit – request a quote and we will send you an offer. We guarantee not only quality and reliable service, with us you get a professional consultant on migration issues. Once contacting us, you can always count on our qualified advice or consultation!

Residence permit in Ukraine: stamp of registration

To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine, a prerequisite is the obligation of the foreigner to put a stamp about registration (registration of place of residence) in the residence permit within 30 days from the date of issue of the permit. CAUTION! sale of residence What are the risks of buying a registration? So, you decided to apply for a residence permit, but I understand that the main problem is that you simply can not afford to make. You have ultimately two options: First, You open the Internet and find a bunch of ads "sell residence permits". You agreed, gave $300 received a residence permit with a residence permit. Like all good – you are happy. The second option, the "experts" who make you permit I propose to solve this problem. You agree. Give an extra $600, get a certificate and rejoice. Purchasing residence is a very delicate product. Professional advice - here is what you need in this issue! Ask what's wrong? Nothing, except such things: Buying residence in the Internet you can easily cater to simple scams that you simply "draw" a stamp of registration, and that of article 358 of the Criminal code, "Forgery" (restriction of freedom up to 2 years). Buying residence from the "professionals" you run the risk of running into: a) see above; b) the use of so-called addresses of mass registration, which has registered more than 50 people, and the whole scheme rests on the presumptuous precinct-police officers who can be fired today or tomorrow, and then you are faced with "giving false statements".

Both of the described embodiment threatened with cancellation of a residence permit, and as a result – until the forced return to the country since a ban on entry to Ukraine.