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The renewal of the residence permit

The renewal of the residence permit

The validity of the residence permit can be extended on the basis of a written application of the foreign citizen submitted to the territorial authority of the ICJ in the place of issue of residence permit or residence of a foreign citizen.

AGTL law firm provides a full range of legal services to employers on attraction and use of foreign workers on the territory of Ukraine, as well as services for foreign nationals who stay and work in the territory of Ukraine.

Among our constant clients are large Ukrainian companies with foreign capital and representative offices and branches of foreign companies medium and small businesses, including startups.

Our advantages

Our lawyers are experts in the field of employment and migration law with considerable experience in advising on major Russian and international clients fluent in English;

Services provided by the lawyers at the immigration law comply with international quality standards, at the same Law firm AGTL carries out a flexible price policy, optimizing the specific objectives of the client;

Experience in obtaining work permits for experts from visa countries Europe: France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany;

We know the specifics of working with clients from Asia and have extensive experience of obtaining work permits for foreign workers from Korea, China, India, Israel, and Japan;

Working in constant contact with the immigration authorities, our lawyers abreast of the latest changes in regulations and requirements, which ensures high quality preparation of documents;

Support complex projects, work with failures until a positive result;

A large range of additional services: translation of documents, visa support, registration with the tax authority.

Documents for prolongation of residence permit in Ukraine

properly filled application for the renewal of a residence permit; foreign passport issued in the territory of his country; officially certified translation of the document confirming the identity of the official state language of Ukrainian and notarized; the original of the residence permit, which requires continuation; four photos of standard size, made not later than 2 weeks prior to the registration of documents; insurance policy; receipt of payment for the services of the migration service; the confirmation of the possibility of placing on the territory of Ukraine, which gives to understand there was no reason for the ban on entry and stay in our state (depending on the category of foreigners). In the presence of the identification code, it would be appropriate to provide it, because such a document accelerates the process of identity verification and documentation in accordance with Ukrainian migration legislation.

What is needed for the extension of residence permit in Ukraine

to make, obtain or prepare a document by which a foreigner may stay in the territory of our country — marriage certificate, statement from the place of study or work; to collect all other necessary papers; personally submit a written application to the migration service; to wait for the validation period data (last fifteen days of the date of the application); pick up extended residence permit (in person). Before you go to the migration service, you should consult with a qualified lawyer in the area of immigration law. He'll be able to check the validity of the documents and to advise in case of detection of certain deficiencies in the documents. For the extension of residence permits shall be paid an administrative fee in the amount of twenty NMDG.

The period of validity of residence permit for certain categories of foreigners is:

if issued on the basis of a work permit is the validity of such resolution; the founders or participants of legal entities registered in Ukraine — two year; students — for the period of study; in other cases one year. How many times can you renew a residence permit in Ukraine, Temporary residence permit in Lviv may be extended unlimited number of times, but in the presence of appropriate bases. There are times when it refused to extend the temporary residence of a foreigner in Lviv due to improperly completed documents, error or submission of false personal data. This can be corrected and can be done in the shortest possible time. But there are also regulated by reason, according to which a foreign citizen has no legal right to the renewal of the residence permit.

Reasons might be rejected administrative, criminal liability for the period of stay in Ukraine; recognition of a person as a threat to national security; inconsistency passport established sample; submission of false information or forged documents; if you change the documents the alien subject to the investigation or liability in its native country. It is important to remember that to apply for issuance of form only, not later than ten calendar days prior to the expiry of the previous document, if filed after this period, respectively, should be refused registration of residence.