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Contracts and legal support of deals with objects of intellectual property

Contracts and legal support of deals with objects of intellectual property

Service will be interesting as right holders, who decided to give consent to use their intellectual property to other parties (license agreement) or to transfer all rights (contract on alienation of the rights), and persons interested in purchasing exclusive rights.

Our advantages

  • individual approach to the support of deals with objects of intellectual property;
  • reliable legal protection for your business;
  • the services provided allow you to get the maximum benefit from making deals with intellectual property.


Support of transactions with intellectual property objects includes the following steps:

Preparation of the contract on alienation of intellectual property and a license agreement.

Check the contract provided by Your counterparty, legal purity and analysis of possible risks.

In cases prescribed by law the state registration of the contract.

The copyright holders lawyers AGTL will help to draw up a contract from scratch that will meet their objectives, to take into account the specificity of the object of intellectual property and to facilitate obtaining the maximum benefit from the implementation of the rights.

Buyers who want to purchase the rights to intellectual property, our technicians can provide services for contract review for compliance with the interests of the buyer and propose amendments to minimize the risk for them in the future.

Terms of rendering services:

Is determined individually.