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Trademark registration

Trademark registration

Trademark registration is a lengthy process that takes 12 to 18 months. For companies that plan to register a trademark, there are risks of increased time and financial costs in several times. For example, incorrect registration of the application in Ukrpatent or wrong definition of classes by the nice classification, etc. made during the registration errors and lack of information increase the probability of refusal in trademark registration.

Our advantages

  • Individual approach to the formation of a package of services for registration of the trademark;
  • flexible payment: You can pay a lump sum or in stages;
  • our lawyers work in the field of protection of intellectual property;
  • efficiency in providing required information;
  • we take care of the correspondence with the Ukrpatent, requiring knowledge of the intricacies of the law.

Using the services of our experts:

  • You will increase the chances of trademark registration and get a guarantee that competitors will not use your designation.
  • You will be able to defend their rights in court and receive compensation in case of piracy of your trademark.
  • You will receive a new intangible asset for the company and increase its value.
  • You will be able to license use of the trademark or sell it.

The stages of service provision:

  • Identifies the type of mark: verbal, figurative or combined.
  • Selection of classes is made in accordance with the nice classification.
  • The search for similarity or identity of the registered trademark with existing trademarks and additional checks.
  • Is generated and the application is submitted.
  • Ukrpatent is the formal examination and examination of a designation declared as a trademark.
  • With the positive conclusion of the examination the applicant receives a certificate of registration of the trademark.