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Attorney in housing disputes

Attorney in housing disputes.

Housing disputes represent today one of the most complex areas of law. The lawyer on housing issues can help You to find the best and easiest option for You out of a difficult situation and to solve the housing court dispute.

Housing is the most acute topic that is discussed today in the cultural and legal world. Become a victim of illegal eviction or sale of the dwelling without the consent of the owner is very often the case in legal practice. Customers get into a desperate situation, they find themselves without an apartment, and are hesitant to seek help.

Counsel on housing issues will become a real step towards the elimination of illegal housing transactions. From the qualified professional are guaranteed complete confidentiality and active cooperation with authorities in the search for the best option for the injured party.

Currently, the lawyer on housing Affairs and inheritance – optimal assistance fraud in the field of raiding.

Our services:

  • disputes about eviction/the universe;
  • disputes on annulment of the right of use of premises;
  • disputes about the definition of the right of use of premises;
  • disputes about definition of a share in the ownership of the premises;
  • disputes about recognition of the contract of purchase and sale, donation, barter premises invalid.
  • housing disputes on the division of the apartment or house;
  • legal advice in the field of housing rights;
  • the recognition of ownership of the housing;
  • section flats ( houses) in kind between the owners;
  • recognition of the warrant on premises void;
  • the recovery of material and moral damage caused by flooding, fire;
  • establish procedures for use of housing;
  • changing the tenancy agreement;
  • the conduct of cases in courts related investment contracts in real estate;
  • removal of arrest from property;
  • settling and eviction of the disputed property;
  • recognition of a person that lost the right to use residential premises;
  • modifying parts of a house;
  • the eviction of persons who unlawfully occupy the premises.

The services of such lawyers may be needed in the event of any conflicts connected with property and also will help to execute all documents when making the purchase of housing.

Lawyers can answer all the questions that can arise during the purchase of housing or its privatization or change of ownership. Using the services of such lawyers can significantly reduce the risk in transactions with real estate.

The lawyers will also help with the protection of interests in court. They will be able to make statements and to submit it to the court and prepare all the necessary documents for the process. Also, the housing Kharkov lawyers can help in filing appeals and seek protection in the higher courts.

Such lawyers must be familiar with all the nuances of legislation and know all the loopholes in it, which can be used in court.

The lawyer on housing Affairs, housing advocate services AGTL when housing disputes, eviction, moving, section, residential premises, recognition of a person lost the right use.

Housing law

The concept of "housing law" is used in the legal literature in two senses: narrow and wide. In a narrow sense, the housing right is a subjective right of a specific person on premises. Housing law in a broad sense, is an institution of civil law, including the norms of other branches of law, either directly dedicated to housing legal relations, or relations related to housing. On this basis, the subject of housing rights is a set of social relations arising in connection with the use and operation of the housing Fund. In current law this relationship is called "housing relations".

Declaration of the right to housing led to the selection of all relationships arising from premises, its use and operation as an independent group of housing relations, and regulating these relations legal acts – in an independent complex branch – housing law.

Public relations, which according to the accepted terminology is called the housing, are a characteristic feature, to emerge, as a rule, about the finished object, which is a residential home or other dwelling that is included in the prescribed manner to the composition of the housing stock and intended to stay. The presence of such a specific object of regulation public relations housing law clearly differs from other branches of legislation and law.

In the circle of social relations that are subject to housing legislation (housing rights), are the relations, regarding the management of the housing stock; the accounting of the citizens needing improvement of housing conditions; ownership and disposition of the limited living areas provided to citizens-employers and members of their families for residence; the relationship regarding the exploitation, conservation and repair of residential houses and residential premises etc. Housing legislation also regulates some other relations in the field of housing regarding housing – housing and land, credit etc.

Living relationship is not uniform. Most of these relations and property. They are formed on the objects that have economic value: apartments, houses, housing funds, etc.

The right to housing is one of the basic constitutional rights of citizens of Ukraine

Housing legislation of Ukraine is based on the need to ensure that public authorities and bodies of local self-government conditions for citizens to exercise the right to housing, its safety, integrity and the inadmissibility of arbitrary deprivation of housing, on the need for smooth implementation deriving from relations regulated by housing law, rights and the recognition of equality of participants regulated by the housing legislation of the relations of possession, use and disposal of premises, unless otherwise provided in the Housing code, other laws of Ukraine or the substance of appropriate relations, the need for the restoration of the violated housing rights, their judicial protection, ensure the safety of the housing stock and the use of premises for the purpose.

Citizens of Ukraine at its discretion and in their interests, exercise their housing rights, including dispose of them. Ukrainian citizens are free to establish and implement their housing rights by contract and (or) other housing law grounds. Citizens, performing the housing rights and fulfilling arising from housing relations duties must not violate rights, freedoms and lawful interests of other citizens.