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Lawyer for road accidents

Lawyer for road accidents.

Legal aid lawyer and the attorney in a traffic accident. Cases connected with traffic accidents is a complex phenomenon. Establishing the innocence or guilt of a particular driver requires a high legal qualifications and expertise.

Contact a lawyer for legal aid, better immediately after the incident, because the participation of counsel will immediately build a competent line of defense.

Often, citizens become victims of various scams that offer a substantial reward to solve the problem.

Timely access to a lawyer or lawyer for an accident will allow you to save Your money and nerves.

A lawyer may be necessary in the trial of a traffic accident within the framework of administrative proceedings, as establishing guilt of a particular party traffic shall entail the recovery of any damages in a civil procedure.

In addition, in the case of personal injury, and depending on the severity of the harm, the offender can be prosecuted.

The lawyer is able to provide legal assistance during the preliminary investigation, if the accident was prosecuted. Protection in such cases requires no special technical knowledge, since, mainly, the guilt of the party may be established by production of judicial autotechnical examination.

Counsel may be required by consideration in court of a claim for recovery arising out of accidents of damage. Because often, in the proceedings of this category of cases, legally required to properly justify a legal position in support of the claim or defence to the claim.

Accident Lawyer, legal aid lawyer and the lawyer in a traffic accident, article 130 of the administrative code

Often, road traffic accident (RTA), that is, an event that occurred during the movement on the road vehicle and with his participation, which killed or injured people, damaged vehicles, facilities, goods or other pecuniary damages occur due to non-compliance by other participants in the movement. A considerable number of accidents occur because of poor roads and lack of illuminated markings, signs not installed in accordance with the requirements of GOST, etc. Liability in case of accident arises when the actions of the driver whose fault the accident occurred, there is an administrative offense or a criminal offense. In such cases, the assistance of a lawyer specializing in accidents, just the necessary.

A lawyer by accident

Administrative liability in case of accident

Administrative liability in case of accident – from a fine to deprivation of driving Udostoverenie to 1-year (124, 130 of the administrative code)

Although it is a mild form of responsibility, its consequences, too, are quite negative. Regardless of the situation the accident lawyer will assess the legitimacy of the use of all of the above sanctions will analyze the variants of development of events in the case, will choose the tactics of conducting the case, will determine the number of necessary examinations and questions should be put in the solution, analyze the correspondence of the chosen punishment perfect offense and the legality of action. If sanctions you have applied, the company will:

  • Challenging Protocol or resolution on administrative violation;
  • The challenging circumstances of the accident and setting up the real cause of the incident;
  • Return of driver's license confiscated by the police;
  • Returning the vehicle with restplace;
  • The removal of arrest in the Executive office with the vehicle;
  • Other issues to protect the rights of the client

Criminal liability for an accident

Criminal liability for an accident – from a fine to imprisonment up to 8 years and driving Udostoverenie up to 3 years

It's a complicated situation and the measure of punishment in a criminal case is the hardest because it includes the deprivation of liberty. Any health damage in the accident entails the initiation of legal proceedings. It is the criminal lawyer the accident will be able to solve almost any issue in such cases. Criminal cases when an accident is quite familiar to AUTOALLOCATE accident because our attorneys have a very large experience in such matters. Considering the consequences of such liability, you should immediately seek the help of a lawyer by accident our company, which in turn will:

  • To ensure full support of the criminal case at every stage of a pretrial investigation and in court;
  • To prepare you to every investigative action;
  • Advise You and your family about the testimony in the case;
  • To ensure that the necessary information and evidence to the investigating authorities and the court to resolve the case in favor of the client;
  • To apply for the recovery and seizure of documents, physical evidence, the purpose of examinations and initiate other actions to protect the client

Civil liability in case of accident

This responsibility is connected with the compensation for material and moral damages after an accident. With one hand she pulls the individual punishment for individual, with the amount of compensation can beat much more serious than any punishment. Civil liability can occur as the subject and regardless of the occurrence of administrative or criminal liability.

Material damage is damage to property (vehicles), the health and life of the victim.

Moral damage is the damage caused to the person in respect of damage to property, health or life of that person or his close relatives

The role of The lawyer at road accident for the protection of clients in this category of cases is the award of damages in favor of client or to protect the rights of the customer against unauthorized claims. The attorney for damages after an accident will help in the following:

  • Drafting of complaints, suits, or any other documents to protect the rights of the client;
  • Protection of client's interests in court, insurance companies or any other organization;
  • Check the legality and validity of the stated requirements on compensation of damage after an accident;
  • Recovery of reimbursement from insurance companies, the culprit or culprits employers;
  • Will the reimbursement of expenses incurred by the Client in his favor with a guilty party

Situation when you You need need help criminal:
You don't know how to exercise their rights in criminal proceedings
You don't know what you can and should submit a petition to the investigator or in court
You don't know what need to collect evidence in accident
You don't know what it is necessary to initiate the examination or investigations after an accident
You don't know how not to pay compensation or as to compensation after an accident
Tighten the investigator of the investigative actions
The investigator is biased to your requirements
You don't give the vehicle with a fine pad
The investigator told you about the suspicion that you have committed a crime under article 286 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (RTA)
About you draft an indictment and the case sent to court
You filed a civil lawsuit for damages after an accident
The accident killed people
You are not sure who recognize the culprit
The investigator closed the criminal proceedings on accident
The investigator has not resumed the criminal case on the accident
In other cases, when you need the assistance of an accident lawyer in Kharkov

and also if:
You are not sure who will be the culprit
About you illegally made the culprit
You need protection in the police, the accident lawyer in Kharkov
You need protection in court the accident lawyer in Kharkov
You need to make an examination after the accident in Kharkov
You need to choose the right tactics of doing business
You need to make a petition, suit, appeal or any other document