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The lawyer on civil cases

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The lawyer on civil cases

Civil cases require particularly attention and concentration, because it involves a court''s ability to make decisions radically opposed on the basis of freedom of interpretation not always clearly and unambiguously spelled out the legal rules and business practices, the inconsistency of domestic legislation, often taken by the judges of the analogy of Statute and law on the basis of their subjective understanding of the dispute, or unwillingness to recognize contradicting the Constitution of Ukraine local law, or decisions taken by public authorities or by authorized government entities, e.g. notaries.

The services of a lawyer in civil cases:

  • formation of legal position on the case, development of tactics of judicial protection of Your rights;
  • drafting and filing applications, petitions for interim relief;
  • preparation and filing of objections to the claim;
  • if necessary, the preparation and submission of a counterclaim;
  • preparation of a draft settlement agreement;
  • drawing up of other documents of a procedural nature necessary for the court to protect Your interests;
  • preparation and direction of attorney requests judicial and other authorities needed for more information on the case;
  • the participation of an attorney in preparing civil cases for trial;
  • direct participation of a lawyer in court when the civil proceedings;
  • obtaining copies of judicial acts;
  • if necessary, the appeal court decisions in an appeal, cassation order.

Almost every one of us, without knowing, is faced daily with situations which essentially are civil cases.

Disputes and conflict situations is a very common phenomenon in the relationship between contractors, employers, relatives, friends, neighbors.

And even if you believe that "Law" is on Your side and the other there is no chance of a successful outcome of the dispute, there are many moments that, individually, do not represent any risk, but collectively can significantly affect Your chances.

That is why is always the right turn to the experts in the field of civil law relations, which are confronted daily with such situations, they will help You to determine all possible options for the development of disputes and conflicts, allocate all the risks and negative circumstances which may affect the desired result. In carrying out its function of protecting the rights and interests of the Client, the lawyers or lawyers in civil cases will help You complete the dispute, and the adoption of legal and fair solutions.

The lawyer on civil cases is a multi-specialist able to provide advice in various areas of law. This is because the nature of disputes that arise from relations of this category. Contacting a qualified attorney, lawyer, You will receive detailed information. After the initial consultation, the lawyer on civil cases will determine the amount of violated rights, the possibility of solving the conflict in the pretrial order or its prospects in the course of the trial. Specialist will help to cope with which You faced difficulty understanding the legal position, writing and filing court pleadings, petitions, explanations and complaints. During the consultation, a qualified lawyer will explain how to use existing evidence, and help in dealing with witnesses

Legal assistance in court is not just the attorney present at the hearing only to comply with Your procedural rights. Legal representation is an integrated service rendered by lawyers in civil cases, and aims to achieve the final positive result. The assistance of a lawyer in court is designed to resolve existing conflict, to protect Your rights, Your property, save money, avoid unreasonable expenditure and to obtain the most favorable trial solution, because only a lawyer can greatly affect the final result considered in the court case.

Legal aid in civil cases is supported by knowledge of the laws, a thorough analysis of judicial practice in similar cases and the ability to quickly find a way out of any situation, to help protect Your rights and interests.