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Consumer protection

Services for the protection of the rights of consumers, buyers

Protection of the rights of consumers (also consumerism) is a set of measures implemented by the state and social movements aimed at regulating relations between consumers (natural person acquires goods or services for personal, family, household and other needs not connected with entrepreneurial activities) and a business entity — manufacturer, executor, seller and includes: establishing specific rights of consumers; forms of possible violations of human rights and the mechanism for their protection; responsibility for violation of consumer rights.

Consumers (buyers) are the individuals who have purchased goods and services, not for their economic needs. Also, at the conclusion individuals credit agreements with banks, the lion's share of contracts subject to consumer loans.

The legislator has given the consumer a special status, rights and guarantees.

In the same case, if You need the assistance of a lawyer or lawyer's law firm will have them carried out by legal aid at the slightest violation of the rights of consumers enshrined in the Law of Ukraine "On protection of consumer rights".

Our services:

  • negotiating with the enterprise, organization, institution, manufacturer or seller of goods, products, services, Bank or banking institution, a claim-requirements for the repair, elimination of defects, replacement of goods, refund of money.
  • request to the Inspectorate for protection of consumer rights.
  • appeal to the court.

According to the current legislation of Ukraine on the basis of obtained from consumer complaints to state authorities for the protection of the rights of consumers is carried out an unscheduled inspection of the activities of business entities.

Requirements to the complaint of the consumer (buyer):

Such complaint shall be in writing.

Must contain the required details about the applicant.

As well as data about a product, service.

Such application shall be accompanied by a copy of the payment document and the document about the warranty.

Contacts on consumer protection:

Inspectorate for consumer rights protection in Kharkiv region

(formerly the Kharkiv Main regional Department for consumer rights protection)


61022, Kharkov, street the Sumy, 45

tel: (057) 700-39-65

Fax: (057) 700-39-68

public reception (057) 700-39-67


Inspectorate for consumer protection in Poltava region (early Poltava regional Department for consumer rights protection)

36011 Poltava, Pushkin str., 16


Fax: (0532) 56-56-34

Inspectorate for consumer protection in the Kiev region (before the Main Kyiv municipal office for consumer protection)

04070, Kiev, Sagaidachnogo St., 29-A


Fax: (044) 417-21-01, 463-70-32


The law of Ukraine "On consumer rights protection" (hereinafter – the Law) is legislation intended to regulate relations between the buyer (consumer) and seller (manufacturer). In article 1 of the Law identifies the main definitions used in this legislation. Also, in addition to the Law of Ukraine "On consumer protection" when handling, for example, the shop where you purchased the product, must be guided by the Civil Code of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers "On approval of certain provisions of the law of Ukraine "On protection of consumer rights".

Sale of goods of improper quality: what to do?

The main problem faced by buyers is the inadequate quality of the goods. Article 7 of the Act sets out warranty. So, the manufacturer provides an adequate work product, including its components. If the warranty period or shelf life for the item is not provided, the buyer may make a claim on warranty repairs for 2 years, and with regards to object construction within 10 years from the date of transfer to the consumer. For the exchange of goods warranty period is calculated anew.

Article 8 of the Law provides for the rights of consumer in case of acquisition of goods of improper quality. Thus, the Law provides for the right of the buyer to a proportionate reduction of prices, the free elimination of the defects within a reasonable time, or reimbursement of expenses for elimination of defects.

In the case of treatment for deficiencies should be understood that the term "reasonable time" is very fuzzy. So, for different types of goods such a time period may be different. Therefore, you require to check with the dealer or manufacturer in which well-defined time period to be corrected. You should also know what the warranty period is extended for the period while the product was in repair.

Also, the Law provides for the right of buyer to terminate the contract and refund the purchaser or replace the product for same or similar if there are significant shortcomings. The determining factor in this article is the concept of "substantial disadvantage". This is the flaw that manifested itself after carried out a warranty repair. Only after the warranty repair and the re-discovery of the same fault, the buyer may require to replace the product or return the money. This right is valid for the entire warranty period and not for only 14 days.

Also, the Law provides for the right of the buyer to write the statement with the aim of obtaining similar goods on the use of the exchange Fund at the time of warranty repair.

How to return the goods of good quality?

The law also provides for the right of the buyer to return the goods of good quality, which did not fit their shape, color and other individual characteristics within 14 days from the day following the purchase. But there is a condition that such goods should not be in use and must keep its presentation. However, not all goods are refundable. Thus, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the list of goods of proper quality which are not subject to exchange or return. For example, children's toys, apparatus for shaving the medicine. Full product list can be found on the website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.