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Debt repayment

Debt repayment

Legal company AGTL provides various services to recover the debt. In our work we use only legitimate, civilized and effective methods of working with debtors. Our specialists gather complete and current information about the debtor. Professionals of our company prefer to act in such a way to recover debts without recourse to court. As pre-trial collection of debts guaranteed and quickly ends receiving the debt, unlike litigation that can drag on for years. Our services are focused on the operational recovery of bad debts with minimal customer losses. We also try to maintain a normal working relationship of our client with the debtor, for further mutually beneficial cooperation.

Debt repayment is one of the many services provided by our law firm. Providing services for debt recovery we try to keep this troublesome and difficult the process was for you as simple as possible and, of course, gave the desired result.

Our services

  • Debt recovery as in the proof of debt (the note, loan agreement, mortgage, credit), and without them;
  • Complex of services for the collection of official data about the debtor;
  • Collection of debts on which the Statute of limitations has expired;
  • Repayment of debt in the pretrial and court procedures;
  • Support of enforcement proceedings;
  • Seizure of property of the debtor.

The procedure of refund

1. Gathering information about the debtor.

There are cases where a person, without some legal knowledge, may not initially identify the debtor or its official details.

2. Pre-trial settlement of the dispute.

If you have all the necessary evidence, then this step is not mandatory, you can apply for protection of their rights and interests directly to the court.

From this stage, you need all communication with the debtor to transfer documented in the official plane. Of course, the issue in the pretrial order is preferable, but to prepare for the next action is required.

For pre-trial settlement of the dispute on behalf of the creditor to the debtor is sent a written claim, which justified the existence of the debt and a strong request for its refund in a certain order.

3. The appeal to bodies of internal Affairs.

Submission of statements to the police and the beginning of the pre-trial investigation already is an effective method of influence on the bad faith of the debtor. The statement must describe what exactly are the criminal actions of the debtor, and refer to the specific article of the Criminal code of Ukraine. Often illegal retention by the debtor of funds adequate to return evidence of fraud (article 190 criminal code of Ukraine). As a General rule, the application is submitted at the place of Commission of crime.

4. Appeal to the court.

If all the previous steps have not had the desired effect on the debtor, there is only the last option is debt collection in court. At this stage you will need all the collected written request, copies of documents, witness statements. With detailed instructions on the procedure for appeal to the court and examples of documents can be found here. Debt recovery through the courts – one of the main services you provide to the specialists of our legal Association.

Judicial debt recovery is a comprehensive work on search of property of the defaulter, an in-depth debt analysis with settlement amounts, fines, penalties, determination of prospects of obtaining a positive outcome when going to court, conduct the case in court and the actual collection of the debt after receiving the court decision. A timely appeal to competent lawyers and their prompt action in preparing the necessary documents and collection of information adds to the chances of recovery amounts from the debtor with minimal losses.

5. The arrest of the property.

Litigation can be quite protracted in time, and the debtor may conceal the assets on which a subsequent court could direct the action. Therefore, care should be taken to imposition of arrest on property of the debtor, stating the corresponding petition in court.

6. The receipt of the decision of the court.

Debt recovery through the court does not end upon receipt of positive decision of the court, its presence does not mean that the debt will be repaid. There are often situations when you want to return debt on the receipt by the court, but your the borrower has transferred all of the loaned funds to their relatives, and they, in turn, acquired real property and issued in your name. In this case, the recovery of the debt by the court without the assistance of a qualified lawyer, his expertise and experience is unlikely to be fulfilled. As in the situation when the defaulter for debts rewrites everything he owns in the family, and that makes it very difficult to recover debts. In our country just after the court satisfied the claim about collecting debt, it begins the main work.

It is necessary to control the activities of bailiffs and, if necessary, to file complaints against illegal actions, and petitions for seizure of the property. Lawyers have to constantly keep on monitoring the situation and adjust its development.

To recover the debt occurred, the necessary professionalism and in-depth knowledge of law, rights and obligations of the borrower, the lender and state artists, as well as many other nuances.