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Contract-sale of land

Contract-sale of land

In order that the transaction took place successfully, you need to prepare certain documents.

One of the most common agreements for acquisition of ownership of land is a contract of sale of land. It is in writing and is subject to mandatory notarization and state registration.

In order to execute the contract of sale of land for doing gardening you must collect the following documents: document of title to land, expert monetary value of land, extract from the database of the automated system of state land cadastre.

The process of sale and purchase of land

1. Preparation of technical documentation and documents for the subject contract. In specific cases, this list can be individually modified.

2. The notary drawing up the contract.

3. Payment of tax mandatory payments to the budget.

4. Registration procedure for the transfer of the rights of the owner of the land.

High-quality implementation of the first phase – the key to a successful transaction. And so, you need to know for sure what documents you need to prepare for the implementation of the transaction. Of course, this obligation rests more heavily on the seller, but the buyer will need to provide some documents

Documents for registration of the contract

1. Documents confirming the right of the property owner on the subject of the transaction (evidence of contract)

2. Expert report on the conduct of monetary evaluation of land. He needed the alienation of property rights of the owner of the land. It can be obtained from an expert who is listed in a special registry, otherwise such report will be deemed worthless. It should be noted, but it is issued exclusively by state bodies, and only the donation.

3. Statement of the spouses of the seller should such a statement, if the land was purchased at the time of being married. Submission of an application is not required if the land was received as a result of privatization. The buyer – must notarized statement of the spouse of the permission to the transaction and, in addition, must present a certificate of marriage, for both parties.

4. Issued by the state cadastre centre Removing encumbrances to the object.

5. The document confirming the presence or absence of buildings on the expropriated land.

6. Of your passport and identification codes of the parties.

When the entire list of documents is ready, you need to contact the notary. Of course previously, you need to check all the data in the documents, but says practice is to check for yourself is almost impossible. At this stage, professional help will be indispensable.


At the conclusion of the transaction of purchase and sale of real estate, under the legal standards applicable in Ukraine, the seller and the buyer need to pay the state a certain amount. What taxes and duties are levied on the transaction of selling of real estate, and what documents you need to arrange for the surgery?

The seller of a household, which sells private house together with the land, must pay taxes and fees for land and a house.

Taxation when selling a dwelling house includes:

- 1% state fee (amount is calculated from the value of your private home, specified in the assessment document or in the contract of purchase and sale);

- 1% fee for mandatory pension insurance (amount is calculated from the value of your private home, specified in the assessment document or in the contract of purchase and sale);

-5% tax on income of physical persons (personal income tax) from the sale of immovable property (payable if the home was owned less than three years; also the tax to pay if the owner had already been selling real estate in the current year);

A 1.5% military duty (charged to sellers of houses, who pay the tax to incomes of physical persons from the sale of immovable property).

We provide legal support of transactions of sale and purchase of land.