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Legal advice and counsel

Legal advice and counsel

AGTL law firm helps clients solve their personal issues that require professional help, including family issues, issues related to property & land, accidents and other property issues.

Office legal advice works on many important issues - divorce, alimony, division of marital property, the recovery of material or moral damages, the allocation of shares in joint property of spouses, the inheritance, and disputing the inheritance, the recognition of the right to a compulsory share of inheritance, termination of the credit agreement, challenging the claims of the Bank, challenging the actions of the police, tax and labour inspectorates, customs authorities and other bodies, as well as on many other issues.

Our services and areas of practice in more detail.

Ways to communicate with the Legal advice

To schedule an appointment for legal Advice and a lawyer can here or by phone, as well as forms of social networks, as well as to come to our office in Kharkov.

It is possible to provide a remote consultation of a lawyer or attorney.