Have you or you been flooded? What to do? | | AGTL
Have you or you been flooded? What to do? | | AGTL

Have you or you been flooded? What to do? | | AGTL


    You are flooded... Morning-afternoon-night find water drops on the ceiling... Or something worse.

    It's one thing when the apartment is removable, and drowned the neighbors slightly, and loose Wallpaper dry sturdy and held on by Scotch tape. But what if the apartment is full-scale catastrophe with damaged furniture and Venetian décor and wet Persian rug and mink coat can not be reversed?

    In case of a flood, everyone has their own tips and advice. Electricians suggest is to disable all power options. Plumbing shut off valve. Psychologists do not panic. Builders - to use ceilings as a preventative method... We advise all to fix.

    Undoubtedly, all the issues of compensation of damage (losses) caused by the flood, it is desirable to settle by peaceful means. But, if the neighbors You have - good people and responsible. If not, all recorded materials will be used in the judicial process to benefit Your interests.

    So, the procedure goes like this:

    • Fix to ensure that our interests evidence. This will be useful personally shot video and still photos. Not be amiss and witnesses-neighbors to attract. Their oral or written information will be taken into account in the future. It is also necessary to contact the representatives of condominiums (formerly GEC) for making the act of sinking, and to invite inovernykh the perpetrators of the neighbors. In it to specify all the circumstances of the incident (date of sinking, name of neighbors and representatives of condominiums, their positions, the list of invalid items, description of damage, the area, the estimated amount of damages, the examination of possible causes and sources of flood). Act stored.
    • May conduct special examination. This step is not required, but can also protect Your interests. For example, with a significant amount of damages and the reluctance of neighbors to cooperate, the findings of the independent expert will be strong evidence in Your favor.
    • After preparation of the evidence necessary to go to court. It is only there maybe someone in some way to convict and to collect lawfully relying. On the basis of a judicial decision and in accordance with its regulations and will be reimbursed caused by flood losses.
    • And when you do the repair? If everything is fixed and acts drawn, you can invite builders. Just remember that the costs incurred in the restoration of the former condition of the apartment are included in the bag of damage and hence they will need to confirm further. Good for that builders prepared estimates, receipts, certificates of works completed.

What to do if YOU drown?!!

Here, as in our previous note, again, appeal to the conscience. If she allows, you can do anything and try every way to evade responsibility. If you think he's guilty and want to voluntarily resolve the situation, you must coordinate with the victims neighbors on the amount of reimbursement. Along with the transfer of money, instead take the receipt, which the neighbor will indicate: who gets the amount, in what amount, for what and most importantly – "have no Complaints..." (just in case!).

Note that this article is not a panacea and is certainly not suitable for any life scenario. The solutions in each case will depend on the details (all of a sudden the pipe is not flowing to the neighbor, and in the entrance; and if the roof leaked from the rain; but if the moral sufferings caused and much more). But in any case, we wish not to drown and not to be flooded neighbor! Be attentive to detail and always defend their legal rights!

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