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International practice

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International practice - VED

Globalization of world economy has resulted in the fact that commercial relations with companies from other jurisdictions are an integral part of daily activities of any company, large and medium-sized businesses. In turn, a large number of foreign companies willing to invest in the implementation of the investment companies in Russia.

Our advantages

The practice of tracking foreign economic activity;

English-speaking lawyers;

The practice of implementation of international projects.

Our services:

Legal support of foreign investments in Ukraine

  • Preparation of recommendations on the choice of region for the realization of the investment project;
  • Development of optimal scheme of realization of the investment project taking into account tax consequences and peculiarities of the regional legislation;
  • The acquisition of the selected land;
  • The development of the terms of the investment agreement;
  • Support the implementation of the investment project;
  • Support for the registration of ownership rights to constructed facilities.

Representation of interests of foreign companies in Ukraine

  • Development of strategy of behaviour of foreign companies in relations with state authorities;
  • Negotiations with authorities;
  • Conducting negotiations with counterparties in Ukraine;
  • Representation in litigation.

Debt collection from foreign companies

  • Preparation of opinions on opportunities and prospects of debt collection from the debtor in the foreign jurisdiction;
  • Legal representation in foreign jurisdictions;
  • The mission of the ICAC at the UCCI and other arbitration courts in accordance with the contractual jurisdiction;
  • Enforcement of decisions of the Russian state and arbitration courts in foreign jurisdictions;
  • Asset search debtors in foreign jurisdictions.
  • Preparation of agreements, subordinated to foreign laws