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IT and the Internet

Practice IT and the Internet

Specialists of the Law firm AGTL have unique experience in legal support of Internet projects and projects in the field of IT-technologies and launch Internet startups. We advise it companies and we are well aware of all the details of the protection of information and personal data, implementation of Internet Commerce and electronic payments. Our lawyers are familiar with the specifics of IT-companies, which allows us to speak to clients in the same language.

Our advantages

  • Informed decisions to select the model of doing business on the Internet.
  • Preparation of full set of documents for the normal operation of the Internet project, to protect it from claims of third parties.
  • Effective legal protection in pre-trial and judicial rights to domain names, sites.
  • Answers to the most complex and unusual issues that arise in the course of the project.
  • Comprehensive legal support of the project from idea to launch.

Our services:

Support of investments in Internet projects and startups

  • Evaluation of legal risks of the project.
  • Development of optimal models of entry to the project from the point of view of tax and legal risks.
  • Development of shareholders ' agreements and investment agreements.
  • Support of the transaction.
  • The development of optional programs.
  • Advising on the placing of the project in special economic and technology development zones.

Legal support of Internet projects

  • Develop options for organizational, legal, contractual and fiscal model of the Internet project.
  • Development of a full package of documents required for the operation of the project (internal regulations, business processes, user agreements, offers, contracts with merchants and users, contracts with transport companies, courier services, contracts with payment gateways, samples, notifications (messages) disclaimers that occur when users commit certain actions.
  • Advising on payments, delivery of goods, claims by the buyers.
  • Support the launch of the Internet project, including Working with an IT specialist and website designer on placement of the robotic programs that generate documents (contracts, reports, etc.), and necessary information that is communicated to the user (disclaimers, notifications, confirmations of acceptance of the conditions of work, etc.).

Structuring a business IT company

The choice of jurisdictions to accommodate the owners ' structure and operating companies.

The choice of optimal contractual structures within the group and with contractors.

Support of attracting investment in start-UPS, analysis and preparation of the venture agreements.

Development of shareholder agreements and corporate contracts.

Protection of intellectual property objects on the territory of Ukraine and the EU

  • Resolution of conflicts involving trademarks and domain names, placement of false information on the website (protection of reputation), accusations of "spam", allegations of violations of the current legislation on communication and so on.
  • Registration of a trademark (brand).
  • The structuring or creation of the system of protection of intellectual property (as subject to compulsory registration and is not registered in the prescribed manner).
  • Development of license agreements and franchising agreements.
  • Preparation of documents to protect against claims by employees - software developers.

Development of all types of contracts required for IT company

  • Agency contracts, including contracts with foreign contractors.
  • Construction contracts for the establishment and maintenance of the sites.
  • License agreements.
  • Distribution agreement.
  • Contracts for it outsourcing.
  • Documents to protect confidential information and trade secrets, including agreements not to disclose confidential information.

The development of the system of protection of personal data

  • Preparation of opinions on issues of basic requirements for the handling of personal data, the essential terms of the rules of processing of personal data, the procedure of transferring to the user the rules of processing of personal data, etc.
  • Determine whether the registration of the Customer as the operator of the processing of personal data (in case if the organizer is the person, not the Customer).
  • Development of internal regulations establishing the procedure for the transfer of processed personal data to regulatory authorities, state authorities at their request, etc.
  • Development agreement instructions to the collection, processing, storage and destruction of personal data.
  • The development of other documents necessary for the organization of system of protection of personal data.

Protection of interests of IT companies in disputes with contractors and customers

  • Representation of interests of it companies in disputes with customers of their services.
  • Representing the interests of the operators of online stores with buyers.
  • Representation of interests of operators of Internet projects in disputes with other participants of the project.
  • Participation in the resolution of conflicts between project beneficiaries.