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Services for private clients

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Services for private clients

AGTL law firm helps clients solve their personal issues that require professional help, including family issues, issues related to property & land, accidents and other property issues.

Our services

  • Drafting of marriage contracts;
  • Support divorce cases;
  • Advising on inheritance issues;
  • Advising on personal investments;
  • Preparation of shareholders ' agreements for personal investment projects.
  • Support of transactions with land plots and residential houses.

Directions \ practice

  • The lawyer on civil cases (debt collection, consumer protection, property division and allocation of shares, etc.
  • A lawyer for insurance disputes
  • A criminal lawyer
  • The lawyer on housing Affairs
  • The family law (family lawyer)
  • A lawyer by accident (AUTOALLOCATE)
  • An estate lawyer (real estate lawyer)
  • Lawyer on land issues (the lawyer on land issues Privatization of land, the contract of sale of land, the lawyer for land disputes)
  • The estate planning attorney (as to enter into the inheritance, coming into an inheritance, the documents for entry into an inheritance)

The lawyer or attorney?

Every attorney is, without a doubt, a lawyer. However, not every lawyer.

Lawyer - a specialist who has professional legal knowledge in the field of jurisprudence, legislation and practice of its application.

Lawyers call themselves, even those who do not have legal education, but a way of life that has linked their work with the practical aspects of the law, and they alternate success "help" people to write some complaints and to represent the interests of various organs. Among lawyers a lot of competent, professional and trustworthy notaries, legal advisers of companies or civil servants and employees of law firms and private entrepreneurs rendering legal services.

The attorney is a natural person, engaged in advocacy on the grounds and in the manner provided for by the Law of Ukraine "On advocacy and legal practice"


Attorney (lat. Advocates called from the Latin. Advoco - invite) - a lawyer renders professional legal assistance to citizens and legal entities by implementing the law in their interests.

One of the most important guarantees is the attorney-client privilege and confidentiality, which prohibits the lawyer to divulge any information about its customers and their Affairs, and to use them in their own interests, but also prohibits other persons, including Supervisory and law enforcement authorities, and to demand and use such information. A lawyer cannot be questioned neither by the police nor the court provided them with legal assistance, may not be subject to criminal or other legal liability for exercising professional activities.
Against the lawyer, his office or the vehicle can't apply a search or other operational or investigative action other than by court order, adopted at the request of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine or the Prosecutor of the regional level, for example, the Prosecutor of Kyiv. Whereas the simple a lawyer can withdraw any document, to apprehend or interview him, including in respect of the Affairs of the client, on the same basis.
These and other unique rights and guarantees that constitute the legal status of the attorney, not his "crust", is the main difference between a lawyer from a lawyer.
One of the main differences is also the lawyers ' monopoly on providing legal assistance in all criminal matters and from 1 January 2017 – in the Supreme Court of Ukraine and courts of cassation in all types of cases. From 1 January 2018, the lawyers will get a monopoly on representation in appeals, and from 1 January 2019 – in all district courts of Ukraine.
The monopoly of lawyers is to free the courts from unqualified, unfounded, and sometimes downright silly claims, make certain lawyers, or no lawyers, whose primary victims are those who turned to him for help.

What you can and cannot call a lawyer

To choose the most effective line of defense in a dispute, the lawyer needs to you maximum information. All that concerns the case, you need to tell him. Even if you think it is insignificant or unimportant, if you are ashamed of. If at the first meeting you are confused and lying to your lawyer, meet up again and tell the truth.
Do not lie to a lawyer or to hide information from him — it could open at the wrong moment and spoil the whole strategy. Candor with your attorney is the key to success.

Never lie to a lawyer

In the Code of professional ethics lawyer says that the lawyer is bound by client confidentiality. That is, if you have committed a crime, the lawyer you are protected by a code he has no right to inform the law. This prohibition is valid indefinitely, as long as you do not allow your lawyer to tell you.

When to contact a lawyer

A lawyer you need to contact immediately. Came in the mail the statement of claim, called the investigator and was invited to speak, it's a strange requirement of the tax, decided to sue the neighbor first, call a lawyer.

The sooner you contact your lawyer, the more time it will have to prepare for the case. You may need additional documents that can be obtained only by a lawyer''s request and within one month, or need to place an ad in the newspaper to find witnesses.

In any unclear situation, call a lawyer

To familiarize with the case materials in court, the lawyer also takes time. If you have a meeting tomorrow at nine in the morning, and you brought pictures of three volumes of the case the night before is a bad thing. Unless you pre-arrange with the attorney about the deadlines.

Legal documents from the Internet

Sometimes in difficult situations, people begin to make statements of claim on templates from the Internet. It is dangerous.
The Internet is not always written by the professionals, the cases may be similar only at first glance. In the case of divorce sooner or later you will divorce. And in the cases where we are talking about real estate or money, not worth the risk. Better to spend time searching for a competent lawyer to do everything yourself.