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Legal support for blockchain projects

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Legal support for blockchain projects

To date, the main problem of the market of cryptocurrencies is the lack of a clear legal framework for legal regulation of this activity. This, in turn, leads to an increase in the market of speculative transactions using cryptocurrency.

Investment projects with the use of blockchain technologies have a high degree of risk, so to minimize them is very important to act in the legal field.

Our advantages

  • successful support of financial and technological projects;
  • experience in the field of business structuring and international taxation;
  • experience in overseas jurisdictions, interaction between government agencies (banks, tax authorities);
  • knowledge of legislation of foreign jurisdictions in the field of blockchain technology and rapid response to changes in the legislation;
  • affiliate network in major jurisdictions support the blockchain projects in Europe – Switzerland, Estonia, Liechtenstein, Asia – Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong;
  • a large staff of various specialists: lawyers, tax consultants.

The presence of a legal opinion on the conformity of the business model the requirements of the legislation allows to avoid risks, to find investors for implementation of blockchain project. AGTL law firm provides legal support for blockchain projects, develops effective solutions for their implementation.

Specialists of the Law firm AGTL provide a full range of services to support the blockchain projects:

  • develop legal strategy: analysis of the business model in terms of the ability to use ICO, recommendations for the implementation of the strategy;
  • selection of foreign jurisdiction: preparation of reports with recommendations on the desirability of the jurisdiction in which the allowed operations with cryptocurrency and open a Bank account;
  • preparation of documents for the implementation of the ICO project: offer, confidentiality agreement, documentation on the processing and transfer of personal data, other documentation for the investment (Token Purcase Agreement, White Paper, Privacy Policy);
  • advice on tax legislation of the jurisdictions selected for the project ICO/ITO, in connection with the implementation of the ICO/ITO;
  • legal advice on currency legislation, legislation on countering the legalization (laundering) of incomes obtained in a criminal way and financing of terrorism, law on securities and stock trading jurisdiction selected to implement the blockchain of the project;
  • analysis of various risks (risks of violation of the legislation, the risks of personal responsibility, etc.) and development of recommendations on their elimination;
  • legal support of implementation of the project ICO/ITO on the basis of step by step action plan, including the creation of a legal entity (legal entities) in the selected jurisdiction and legal support of interaction with banks and regulators;
  • representation of client's interests in courts of any jurisdiction on disputes related to the blockchain.

For each blockchain project developed individual recommendations, terms of delivery and the cost depends on the content of the projects.

With the increasing popularity of the cryptocurrency, which are in increasingly high demand in online trading and financial and obligatory relations between the subjects of electronic interaction, it increases the demand on the bitcoin market services and blockchain projects. High interest our lawyers in smart contracts and blockchain technologies and the Etherium together with in-depth knowledge of industry legislation allow us to provide services for startup projects based on trusted peer-to-peer networks.

Our lawyers analyze the specifics of Your project, will identify key risks and prepare a legal opinion with a detailed overview of all emerging risks and ways to minimize them, as well as a description of the proposed structure of the activities of the service.

We not only provide you with the complete range of legal services to start the service and ensure its legal purity, but will gladly provide our services to support activities of the service at all stages of its work.