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Business organization

How to start a business? Very simple. It is sufficient to register a sole proprietorship or LLC.
However, in the preparation of the documents arise a number of issues about which it is better to think in advance.
Our lawyers will help you to analyze Your business model, discuss its benefits and risks and help you make the most optimal decisions and implement Your choice.

Our advantages

complex approach in choosing the right legal form and tax system taking into account the specifics of Your business;
identifying possible risks in the economic activity produced by the firm, optimization of tax payments, financial and material resources;
full package of services on creation and support of business.

The first step is to choose the legal form of organisation, management system, taxation system.

Lawyers will help You to resolve all your registration issues:

to register the LLC or FLP
register AO
as well as helping to choose a Bank and open an account, develop the documents necessary to start business activities.
If Your activities require licenses, then this problem should also be addressed at the inception of the business.
An integrated, comprehensive approach to business will help You save time and money.