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Labor relations

Labor relations

The whole range of relationships between a company and its employees must be legally correct feature that will allow You to effectively solve any, most complex business challenges.

Our advantages

A deep analysis of the employment relationship;

develop long-term solutions – saving money of the client;

successful defense of clients in court.

By contacting the Law firm AGTL , You will receive:

  • Carefully designed to reflect your commercial interests of personnel documents that will stand up in court and is subject to inspections by state authorities.
  • A reasonable legal position, which will allow You to resolve the conflict in the pretrial order, and to avoid financial losses.
  • A deep analysis and a long-standing practice in labour law that allows to solve complex tasks of the customers connected with dangerous production, personnel restructuring, and many others.

Our services:

Support the dismissal of problematic employees, including:

  • for failure to perform employment duties;
  • for misdemeanours associated with the loss of trust;
  • through the change of organizational and technical conditions;
  • through the downsizing/staff.

Preparation of all kinds of documents required of the company in labour relations:

  • employment contracts and job descriptions;
  • local regulations: regulations on commercial secrets, internal labor regulations, regulations on personal data, on wages and bonuses, on material liability of employees about utility works and other documents;
  • analysis and revision of existing local acts.

HR audit – identification of legal risks and recommendations on their elimination:

  • A comprehensive analysis of all personnel documents (personnel document, local regulations, labour agreements, agreements, obligations, orders, duty assignments, etc.).
  • Preparation of legal conclusion on the results of the audit (identification of violations of the legislation of the Russian Federation, of labor relations from the position of law enforcement practices, formulation of recommendations on elimination of violations and deficiencies/incompleteness of registration of the personnel documentation) in order to prevent the possible adverse consequences for the employer

The resolution of labor disputes:

  • The settlement of labour disputes in pre-trial procedures, negotiations with employees;
  • Representation of the employer in labor inspection, court, Prosecutor's office;
  • The representation of employees in the labour Inspectorate, court, Prosecutor's office;
  • Support of collective labour disputes and class actions.
  • Advising on complex and standard labour law:
  • About the change in wages (reduction of salary, change of ratio of constant and variable part of the salary) without adverse consequences for the employer;
  • About the design of the dismissal of an employee conflict with the guarantees of a positive result of the trial;
  • On the alignment of HR policy and document management to prevent adverse effects in case of occurrence of conflict situations at dismissal, disciplinary action, and in case of necessary changes in working conditions, etc.

Advising and drafting HR documents related to business restructuring and optimization of staff:

  • legal analysis of the organization (staff and employees, the content of labor agreements, local normative acts);
  • oral advising on opportunities, procedures and methods of implementation of restructuring and optimization of staff;
  • oral and written consultations concerning the order and timing of actions on the implementation of activities;
  • development of a full package of documents for carrying out business restructuring and optimization of staff.

Organization and support of the procedure of investigation of accidents on manufacture:

  • Preparation of necessary documents (acts, reports and other);
  • Participation in the negotiation process, investigation, representation of interests in the regulatory and Supervisory bodies.
  • Development of a package of documents to recruitment agencies (for the provision of the services of outstaffing), including:
  • Employment contracts with employees;
  • The outstaffing agreement with customers;

On the basis of completed projects and years of practice, we also offer:

A set of standard documents in the sphere of labor relations

The result of the work

The result of the work of our lawyers in the field of labor law is a long-term solution to the problems of customer by providing legally verified personnel documents, his willingness to inspections by state authorities, as a consequence, saving costs and lower reputational risks in the long term.