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Civil disputes

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Civil disputes

Under the civil disputes realize any disputes arising between individuals, regardless of citizenship. All the cases considered under this category, are private. Examples of civil disputes can be any business related to unresolved conflicts in the area of family or inheritance law, housing, land, labor, etc.

Our advantages

  • experience in providing legal services;
  • dozens of won cases in civil law;
  • positive feedback from our customers, many of whom we work for years;
  • thorough knowledge of current legislation.

AGTL law firm offers assistance in the resolution of civil disputes. Our lawyers have extensive experience in civil law and is ready to provide you with highly qualified legal support.

Our services:

  • The situation analysis and elaboration of legal opinions regarding the prospects of the client in court.
  • Assistance in collecting evidence and documents, preparation of statements of claim to initiate a civil legal dispute and submitting them to the court.
  • Representation in magistrates ' courts and courts of General jurisdiction.
  • The appeal of decisions of the court of appeal, cassation and Supervisory instances.
  • Drafting complaints, petitions, writs.
  • Assistance in enforcement of court decisions.
  • Any legal advice in civil legal disputes.

Civil disputes are divided into several categories depending on what category rights they are:

Family disputes;

One of the most common types of civil disputes. It includes all divorce proceedings, disputes regarding the division of joint property, disputes involving children (including, deprivation of parental rights or the determination of order of communication with a child), etc.

Housing disputes;

Related to the rights of citizens to own and use real property. This category of disputes includes all cases involving leases, purchase and sale of real estate, establishment/deprivation of the right of use of immovable property, of the established order of use of premises, etc.

Inheritance disputes;

Civil disputes related to inheritance. Deals with the issues of contesting the will, recovery of the timing of acceptance of inheritance, etc.

Land disputes;

This kind of dispute is very similar to housing disputes, because in his framework consider a conflict situation related to the possession, disposition and use of land. This includes disputes relating to the damages incurred during the implementation of the land relations.

Disputes connected with compensation of harm;

Civil disputes related to the compensation (accident, fire etc), physical and moral harm.

Disputes related to the repayment of debts;

Other types of disputes, where plaintiffs or defendants are individuals.

Also widespread arbitration of civil law disputes. In this case, civil dispute by mutual agreement of the parties will be submitted to the third party to which each party to the conflict is obliged to obey. The judges so elected are not required to be legal professionals: as such there may be any adult capable citizens.

Civil disputes with a positive outcome is possible if you will have a competent lawyer. Specialists of the Law firm AGTL have extensive practical experience in this field and can provide you with expert assistance.