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The intellectual property

Intellectual property, copyright today plays an increasingly important role in business development and increase of intangible assets of the company. The availability and transparency of information, speed of copying of innovation makes the registration and protection of intellectual property a priority for maintaining competitive advantage of the business. Specialists of the Law firm AGTL will help You conduct an audit of intellectual property, to register your rights, protect Your interests in court.

Our advantages

Deep industry knowledge in IT, Internet, features of registration of domain names;

  • comprehensive legal support, from registration of trademarks and other intellectual property to protect in court;
  • our lawyers will help individual entrepreneurs, start-UPS and large companies that extend the scope of their interests.

Changes in legislation, technologies and methods for their use have an impact on all sectors of the market and require a new approach to legal support.

The protection of intangible assets is one of the priorities of modern business.

Suggest You use the expert services of the firm AGTL and get comprehensive solutions to protect your intellectual property.


  • check trademark on identity and similarity, information retrieval and expert assessment;
  • registration of a trademark (brand, slogan, logo, service mark);
  • international registration of trademarks;
  • introduction to the customs registry and control of illegal imports;
  • contracts and transactions with the trademarks;
  • franchising;
  • resolution of disputes over trademarks.

Information technology, Patents and Know-How

  • comprehensive advice on the protection of intellectual property in the field of information technology;
  • patent (inventions, industrial samples, useful models, selection achievements);
  • international patenting;
  • resolution of patent disputes;
  • secrets of production (know-how);
  • domain names (registration and dispute resolution).

Copyright and related rights

  • comprehensive advice on copyright and related rights;
  • legal audit of intellectual property (IP audit);
  • registration, Deposit and technical protection of copyright and related rights;
  • support of transactions with objects of copyright and related rights;
  • protection of copyright and related rights.

Ip audit (Audit of intellectual property)

  • legal audit of intellectual property (IP Due Diligence);
  • when buying or selling a business, dealing with intellectual property;
  • for making investment decisions;
  • for transactions, which are subject to intellectual property rights;
  • to receive credits or external financing in other forms;
  • in the preparation and conduct of litigation.

Integrated solutions for the protection of intellectual property for business

  • Innovation and IT sector
  • Retail trade and retail
  • The agricultural sector
  • Industry
  • The media