Personal car tax accounting. For rent optimization
Personal car tax accounting. For rent optimization

Personal car tax accounting. For rent optimization

I want to share a life hack on how you can save on taxes of the enterprise, using, so to speak, personal belongings.

For example, You have a car...

How is it used?

  • For commuting
  • For business meetings, business partners and exhibitions...
  • The list of course goes on.

  • This means that the car used in the enterprise and the cost of its maintenance should be expenditures, not the owner of the car!

    Let's count:

    We have two cars with a fuel consumption of 10 liters per 100 kilometers.

    During the year, the owners of these cars hitting the business goals of 15.5 thousand km At a cost of A-95 gasoline 25,80 UAH. fuel costs will be 80 000 UAH.

    For the owner – it's just the cost, but for enterprise is 13000 UAH. credit for VAT and 12,000 UAH. reduction of income tax.

    Total 25,000 UAH. net tax savings, without the "pomace" of the situation!

Let's go further.

Car need washing, to repair to pass MOT, etc., the calculation will take 34000 UAH. a year on two cars. This gives us a VAT credit for 5767 UAH. and reducing the profit tax of 5100 UAH. Total additional 10760 UAH. savings!

We can also add travel allowances for travel to other cities, the cost of business Lunches.... The list is complete, and the taxes to save money.


You need to execute a lease agreement between car owners and the company with the relevant provisions and then as with "normal" machines in the enterprise.

Tax savings on the two cars over 35,000 UAH. no "pits", "cash", "programs", etc.!

But if there's 10 of them?
And if you look and think twice?

I'm thinking that and pleasure You are giving to the job, such as studying a range of similar products in the supermarket or sample of the car rental office...

We have a lot of useful findings.

Come on, share!

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