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Advising on legal issues

Advising on legal issues

Certain provisions of the legislation, are distinguished by their vagueness, therefore there is a need to obtain objective advice on legal issues, independent, competent opinion on the decision of the legal question or the resolution of the case. The business suggests as a common and standard approach to solving problems and issues, as well as unconventional, innovative and creative legal solutions, which includes search for existing precedents and innovative approaches to reaching a decision.

Consulting or advising on legal issues may be one-time or continuous, both on current issues and to prevent their occurrence in future.

Modern legal consulting keeps track of how recent changes in legislation, tax and political trends and the position of the individual business sectors, the trends and fluctuations of markets. All of the above in turn is important in formulating strategies and implementing planning activities of the company.

Benefits of the service

Innovative and creative solutions, unconventional approach to developing solutions

The possibility of involvement of specialized professionals (accountant, financier, psychologist, etc.)

The opportunity to avoid negative consequences.

A specific list of applicable corrective actions to minimize risks.

The contents

Consultation on problematic issues;

The analysis of the intentions to carry out or offer to carry out legal actions that can lead to uncertain consequences;

Analysis of current legislation in the context of the processes and circumstances that may affect resolution of the issue;

An indication of not only legal, but also moral, economic, social, political aspects, which can have a decisive influence on the decision of the legal case;

Tracking legislation, i.e. to keep on the pulse of legal support of your business.

You get

Assessment of the situation and normative regulation

Legitimate alternatives to the solutions provided in an acceptable and understandable form, including unpleasant circumstances

Professional opinion on the subject

Confirmation or refutation of his opinions from alternative independent sources