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Legal analysis of agreements

Legal analysis of contracts

Legal analysis of agreements is one of the popular areas of legal practice. The ostensible simplicity of such legal services as drafting a contract or its analysis in most cases carries negative consequences to those who are trying to develop such a document independently or by use of standard forms and involve specialists.

Inaccuracies in the order of execution of provisions of the Treaty, does not specify the rights and obligations of the parties, not provided for enforcement of obligations and dispute resolution begets the inability to defend the interests as required. To professionally assess the text of the Treaty, to understand and explain the actual meaning of its provisions can only specialist. If you want to save Your business, and have no desire to expend energy, time and substantial funds in subsequent litigation – it is necessary for the examination of the contract or its preparation to seek help from a professional, and not believe the possibility of full-time employees – managers or accountants.

Benefits of the service

The construction contract schemes

A difficult situation becomes clear as to the legal meaning of contract terms

No doubt the opportunity to avoid negative consequences.

The direct participation of experts in negotiations on transactions of various kinds.

The contents

Drafting of contracts, taking into account the needs and requirements of current legislation.

Legal analysis of the contract in current form, and proposed by Your counterparty, on the subject contained in the contract risk and compliance of the contract with the current (national and international) legislation and Your interests.

Development agreements (training project) for specific transactions, including the development of schemes deals.

Legal assistance during the actual performance of contractual obligations.

You get

The essential economic result with a clear and minimal risk

Recommendations to change the terms of the agreement, references to specific legislation

Guidelines on the Treaty provisions that contain risks or violate Your rights, which may adversely affect activities

The version of the contract recommended by our experts and meets your interests with terms and conditions that are necessary to protect Your rights.