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Legal audit (Due diligence)

Legal audit (Due diligence)

Legal audit (Due diligence) - an independent legal assessment of the activities of the company or the expert study of individual areas of the company, as well as the examination of transactions for compliance with current legislation.

Legal audit is to verify the constituent and internal documents, and the existing contractual framework, and other company documents to determine their conformity with the interests of the owner or the company, as well as current legislation.

Objectives of legal due diligence can be defined as obtaining an independent evaluation of financial and economic activities of the company identify any potential risks that may cause the company financial losses resulting from a counterparty defaults on its obligations, assessments and fines from the tax authorities, the application of sanctions for failure to perform various obligations, the involvement of the company or officers of the company to administrative or criminal liability.

We suggest you contact us immediately for a free consultation if:

1. The company has the registration date before 01 January 2014 and to the bylaws were not changed during this time;

2. A company has no Department that performs the functions of personnel accounting and the company does not follow the changes of the labour legislation;

3. Staff members use in the activities of the contracts downloaded from the Internet without altering their essence and without going into the contents;

4. Employees have no idea of their functional responsibilities;

5. You have doubts as to the correctness of paperwork of the company.

Benefits of the service

Specific recommendations address the questions considering specificity of the enterprise.

Provided the draft documents developed taking into account specificity of the enterprise and making.

The ability to avoid the negative effects of the activities.

A specific list of corrective actions the practice of which minimizes risk.

The contents

1. Complex legal audit of company activities - applies to all material aspects of the activities of the company.

Legal audit Due diligence of the chronology of the company's activities include the review of documentation for the creation and registration of the company, examination of corporate acts and statutory documents, corporate structure, authority and control, documentation of placement of securities and issues of the legality of ownership of assets, the legitimacy adopted by the General meeting decisions, identifying risk situations, conflicts and their analysis.

Legal audit Due diligence management and personnel systems – expertise of internal documents that regulate its activities as a whole and individual units. Analysis of the local acts that regulate labour relations within the enterprise. Examination of the legality of labour relations and availability risks of the existence of conflicts.

Legal audit Due diligence asset - examination of the legal status of ownership of the company property (movable, immovable). The study of the order and conditions of acquisition of property, legitimacy of procedures, the definition and analysis of possible risks.

Legal audit Due diligence of business activities – analysis of the legality of economic activity of the enterprise, including the need for special permits and registrations licences.

Legal audit Due diligence of contractual and legal evaluation of the current contractual practice of the company, including foreign economic activity in the analysis of the procedure of conclusion, execution and storage of contracts. Possible risk of application of tax penalties, the risk of default of contractual obligations and the availability of third-party claims.

2. Legal audit Due diligence of certain aspects of the company, the so-called thematic audit legal audit Due diligence of the chronology of the activities of the enterprise, management and human resources systems, assets, business activities, contractual arrangements and others.

3. Legal audit Due diligence of complex transactions – analysis and legal examination of the provisions of the contracts or their total system, including the conditions of the order calculation and execution, to determine the various possible risks as well as the Foundation of a possible conflict with third parties and options for its resolution.

4. Legal audit Due diligence of the conflict – review of the existing conflict situation in the law enforcement practice of the industries of tax, civil, labor, tax, antitrust or corporate law, development of recommendations on elimination, elimination of the revealed risks.

You get

1. Identifying risks in particular claims from regulatory bodies, arrest of property, the application of sanctions for breach of civil obligations, the involvement of officials to criminal or administrative responsibility, failure to fulfill obligations on the part of customers or other counterparties.

2. Recommendations on elimination, elimination of the revealed shortcomings and risks.