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Registration activity

Registration steps

In order to formally implement any business idea it is necessary to implement public acts, evidence of intent to engage in entrepreneurial activities, namely to carry out its registration in the chosen legal form.

At the same time not isolated to the procedure of state registration is to formally believing that it boils down to the preparation of a standard package of documents, and going with him to the appropriate authorities, which do not require any professional qualifications. However, in practice, the registration process requires an understanding of a whole range of issues and nuances that are customized for individual businesses. Disregard professional legal support at the initial stage of formation of the company in the majority of cases leads to subsequent problems, financial losses and contain different risks.

We professionally provide a full set of registration services.

Benefits of the service

1. The opportunity to order the service "turnkey".

2. The opportunity to avoid negative consequences.

3. A specific list of applicable corrective actions to minimize risks.

The contents

Registration of a legal entity (LLC, PE)

To liquidate the firm (in the form of LLC or PE)

Shift leader (Director)

The change of the founder (founders)

Change of legal address

Change of company name (LLC, Inc)

The increase in share capital

Change other information that is not contained in the Charter

Change the data in the company's Charter

Change of activities of the legal person (change Quadav)

Registration of the enterprises (corporations, associations)

Registration of representative office and branch

Registration of private or public joint stock companies

Preparation of the extract, extraction from the usr

The change of name, tax number, place of residence PE

Join FLP

Elimination of FLP

Modifying information about a physical person-entrepreneur

Change activities (quedo) FLP

Registration of representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine

Liquidation of representative office of foreign company in Ukraine

Obtaining business cards for foreign missions

Registration of charitable organization

Registration of public organizations

Registration of amendments to the Charter of the charitable Foundation

Registration of changes in the social organization

Charter of public organization - change and registration

Registration of a news Agency

Registration of a publication (newspaper, magazine)

The registration of a trade Union (all-Ukrainian trade Union organization)

Registration of religious organizations

Accreditation unit non-governmental organization in Ukraine

Receiving-profit status

Registration of political party

You get

Advice on the choice of the optimum form of the organization of your activities, registration procedures, and taxation system are the most profitable for your business;

Selection of types of economic activity under the direction of Your business;

Test plan the name of the enterprise to the uniqueness;

The prepared package of documents for registration;

Registration activity in state authorities;

Production printing;

If necessary, assistance in opening a Bank account and registration of corresponding tax statuses.