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Join FLP

Registration of a sole proprietorship is quite simple: many entrepreneurs realize it themselves.
However, before you start your business, we encourage You to consult with a lawyer about the benefits and risks of this form of doing business. FLP is not suitable for all types of business, and know better about the limitations in advance.

Our advantages

Professional legal advice at the beginning of Your business, which will eliminate the need for numerous changes at the beginning of the activity;
Convenience and time savings at all stages:
we can arrange a notary in Your office,
the Bank Manager will arrive at a convenient time for You to open an account,
we can obtain documents for You by proxy.
A wide range of additional services: a wide range of partner banks, help with finding a legal address, bookkeeping.
And also:
Clearance in the shortest possible time
A full range of services - "registration KEY"
Affordable price
Detailed advice
No queues and cost over time
Accounting services
legal support
tax planning

AGTL law firm provides a full range of services related to registration of a sole proprietorship:

Advice on the establishment and registration;
Development of documents for registration;
Registration of FLP in the state;
The assignment of codes for the FLP;
Manufacturer of printed PE;
Opening a Bank account;
Notarized copies of registration documents.

Registration, what documents are needed?

a copy of the certificate of identification code;
copy of passport of the founder (participant).
copy of passport
the address of registration with index
contact phone
planned activities
with printing or without

What you need to accomplish in order to open/register FOP FOP?
  • Consultation on the registration of an entrepreneur.
  • Our specialists will select the necessary form of taxation, types of activities and advise on the reporting date. With years of experience in registration actions, the company's lawyers will explain all the practical issues faced in the business industry, you need;
  • Signing a power of attorney.
  • Depending on Your chosen package, so we started to work it is necessary to issue the power of attorney.
  • Prepare the necessary papers for registration of an entrepreneur.
  • Immediately after making your power of attorney, we begin to prepare the full set of documents for registration. In the list of documents included with the application for registration, registration book of income, the request for obtaining the extract from the register of single tax payers, the statement on the application of the simplified tax system and preparation of necessary applications;
  • Join FLP .

The next day after our meeting, the experts will submit the documents for registration. We have the opportunity to apply the principle of "day to day", but it entails costs;
Production print.
If You need, then seal protection automatic tooling will be made and if You have your logo, the logo will not increase its value
Obtaining the digital signature.
Our company has the ability to generate and certification of electronic digital signatures right at our office at affordable prices. You will need only a USB drive