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Protection of copyright and related rights

Protection of copyright and related rights

The lawsuit is the most effective means of restoring violated rights and interests of authors and performers, developers of computer programs, compilers of databases and producers of phonograms, the organizers of broadcasting and cable.

Resolution of disputes possible at trial or the pretrial order.

Our advantages

  • Lawyers working in the field of IP protection;
  • efficiency in providing required information;
  • successful experience of mediation in matters of infringement of intellectual property rights;
  • effective protection of clients ' interests in court and other state bodies;
  • individual approach to the formation of a package of services for the protection of rights;
  • flexible payment: you can pay a lump sum, in stages, and to provide for a "success fee".

AGTL professionals determine the most effective strategy and tactics of protection of violated rights individually for each case of violation.

Protection of copyright and related rights includes the following activities:

  • legal analysis of the situation and gathering evidence;
  • pre-trial dispute settlement (optional);
  • the application of injunctive measures;
  • the preparation of the claim and representation in all judicial and administrative instances;
  • assistance in execution of judicial acts.

The result of providing our services to the client:

  • the recognition of the respective copyright and related rights of the applicants;
  • violations of copyright and related rights;
  • delete pirated content and prevent its re-placement in the Internet;
  • creation of conditions preventing re-violation of the rights and interests of the applicants;
  • recovery of compensation or damages.

The duration of services depends on the type of intellectual property, the nature of the violation and the chosen strategy of behavior. In most cases, since the reference to the adoption of the first trial decision is about 2-3 months.

In case of violation of copyright and related rights through unauthorised distribution of protected sites in the Internet from the moment of application until removal of the relevant information or limiting access to websites-violators usually takes approximately 4-5 working days.