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Secrets of production (know-how)

Secrets of production (know-how)

Any organization possesses information of great value.

It can be a recipe for a main course in Your restaurant, the unique technology of production of products or provision of specific services, as well as formulas, business methods, schemes and tools sets required for the successful conduct of business in any field or profession. One word – any information that has commercial value and is unknown to third parties.

Our advantages

  • Lawyers working in the field of IP protection;
  • efficiency in providing required information;
  • successful experience of mediation in matters of infringement of intellectual property rights;
  • effective protection of clients ' interests in court;
  • individual approach to the formation of a package of services for the protection of rights.

For the protection of information as know-how needed to:

  • information had a commercial value;
  • was unknown to the third parties;
  • were taken reasonable steps to protect the information from public;
  • was introduced the regime of commercial secrecy.

You will be able to:

  • to learn about measures of protection of trade secrets and lead them into action;
  • to choose the right way to protect the know-how to protect your trade secrets has become perpetual;
  • to protect the interests of the company, including to recover damages from persons who illegally received and / or declassified the know-how of the company.