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Dispute resolution intellectual property

Dispute resolution intellectual property

Disputes over IP is a comprehensive list of the various situations that might face the business, from appealing the decision of Ukrpatent concerning the registration of objects of IP and disputes on infringement of exclusive trademark rights, to the recognition of certain actions of unfair competition.

Our advantages

  • Lawyers working in the field of protection of intellectual property;
  • huge experience of successful representation of clients in judicial and extrajudicial order;
  • extensive experience with Ukrpatent and other agencies.

Lawyers AGTL provide professional administrative and judicial protection of client intellectual property (IP).

Our experts are ready to help in resolving disputes in respect of various intellectual property disputes on trademarks, patent disputes, disputes relating to infringement of copyright, disputes relating to activities on the Internet, and others.

The service involves the following steps:

  • The analysis of the problem situation of the client, definition of tasks and their sequencing.
  • Implementation of complex of measures on settlement of the dispute in the pretrial order (optional).
  • Elaboration of the strategy of dispute, collection of evidence, preparation of legal documents.
  • Directly representing Your interests in court or other appropriate authority.
  • Dispute resolution in the order of the settlement agreement.
  • Support for the execution of the judgment.

Turning to us, You get

  • Legal protection for their intellectual property and the possibility of resolving the dispute out of court.
  • Our experts will be the optimal defense strategy, and will also undertake representation of Your interests in all court instances, in Ukrpatent and other public bodies.
  • Additional services: Legal opinion on the prospects of the trial.

Terms of rendering services:

Is determined individually.