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The franchise


Franchising – the transfer of the intellectual property owner of a specific business model in use to another person for a fee.

The service will be of interest to rights holders who expect to provide an opportunity for a particular group of people to use their business model, or those who plan to buy a franchise.

Our advantages

  • Lawyers working in the field of protection of intellectual property;
  • efficiency in providing required information;
  • individual approach to the support of deals with objects of intellectual property;
  • experience in successful protection of clients ' interests in court.

Franchise or, as he is known in the legislation of Ukraine, the commercial concession agreement (franchising agreement) are becoming more and more popular legal instrument in our country.

Given the difference of interests and risks for parties to a franchise agreement, experts AGTL offer the following services "to the seller" and "buyer".

For the seller:

  • Drafting a franchise agreement considering the specifics of the business model.
  • Determination of the mechanism of calculation of royalties.
  • Registration of the contract.

For the buyer:

  • Advising on franchise agreement: clarification of its provisions (for example, through the mechanism of royalty payments).
  • Assessment of occurrence of legal risks, conditions of termination, liability for violations, etc.
  • Development of recommendations for adjustments in the contract.

Terms of rendering services

Is determined individually.